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Modern interior doors made with 100% natural wood materials.
Heavy slab - NO honeycomb, NO paper inside.
All interior doors are prehung, prefinished, ready to be installed.
Glass doors, french doors,transom and custom-built doors available.

Contemporary interior doors delicately balance form and fashion. When shopping with, our options for interior doors allow you to create this balance and to claim it - to use each detail as part of the statement being made. Use the look and build of a modern interior door to control the feel and the flow of your interior design – our prehung interior wood doors will open-up exciting new possibilities.

Modern interior doors: available in a variety of different styles. You may be impressed by the look of our interior wood doors, and for good reason. We use only the finest materials and construction techniques available, so each of our doors is both striking in appearance and built to offer lasting value.
All of our designer interior doors use eco-friendly materials and employ beautiful, real-wood veneer finishes. The heavy feel of these doors comes from the fact there is no paper filling inside – no honeycomb, or traditional hollow-core used here. Our unique, dense slab construction makes these solid doors behave like virtual sound barriers in your home.
Add in details like solid wood framing, rubber sealed door stops, and self-regulating jambs to enable easy installation, and a fine, contemporary interior design may be yours: just beyond the door.

Answering to an eye for detail. Looking for a simple way to warm up a room? Maybe our bleached oak door will lead the way. Add-in one or more panes of glass, and create something specific to your space. Or maybe it is the warm, inviting feel of European Walnut, with its deep, rich tones used to accent the best parts of your interior design. Let the natural wood grains work for you. 

If you want to bring out some of the reds in your living space, perhaps a Mahogany or Teak interior door is the right direction. And for the truly bold, our wenge and zebrano wood doors are exactly the types you see regularly featured in design journals and fashion magazines. By presenting these offers to you direct on this site, we offer you a chance to take advantage of cutting-edge interiors for much less than other high-end designers.

An interior door makes a statement. We’re here to help you say what’s on your mind.
  • All door models are sold as pre hung interior doors with a knock down frame and molding sets.
  • Every door comes prefinished and ready to be installed at your project site. There is no need for further treatment of the slab, frame, or molding surfaces.
  • Every interior door set is priced according to the door width and includes the following components: slab, frame, levers, 2x molding sets, 3x hinges.
  • Door measurements conform to American standards with a standard height of 6’8” and widths of 24”, 28”, 30”, 32” and 36”.
  • Custom interior door sizing is also available upon request, quoted on an individual basis.



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  1. Oak Square Interior Door

    Oak Square Interior Door


    The versatility of good quality wood is amazing, and when valued in door designs like this, it becomes unique and memorable. Oak interior doors are extremely reliable and bring a comfortable and safe feeling to any interior environment, while the modern finishing touches boost the image of this product from plain elegant to bold contemporary. Speak the language of quality interior design and start with the replacement of doors to feel the incredible value such a piece can add to your home or office.

    The geometric wood veneers in the structure of this door provide one of the most original designs in our collection of interior wood doors, being sharp, carefully composed and perfectly executed. Our care for impeccable finishes guarantees only the best materials and a great level of endurance, while our eye for great, timeless designs provides some of the best custom wood online products you will find on the market.
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  2. Red Oak Interior Door

    Red Oak Interior Door


    The tiniest details are the ones that make a difference when it comes to choosing the perfect home interior doors, so taking everything into consideration is of utmost importance. The oak structure is a great option because of its density and endurance, and also because of its crisp fibers and classic aspect. However, the modernity of this door design comes from its surface appearance, starting with color, pattern arrangement and impeccable finishes.

    Match the red nuance of this wooden door with a lively kitchen or extravagant studio to create a colorful environment and obtain a stylish replacement of doors in your home. You can also use it in your office to enliven the atmosphere and obtain a creative, but clean effect. The arrangement of the horizontal and vertical wood patterns gives the design flow and character, turning this door into one of our favorite picks from our list of new interior doors for home and office.
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  3. Brown Oak Interior Door

    Brown Oak Interior Door


    Here’s how classic meets modern and create a contemporary timeless style in interior doors for houses. We all know the classic, dark brown interior doors and their warm and elegant feel in sober interiors. The appreciation for the modern comes with the simple, clean lines that rely on functionality and austerity, while the contemporary adds an extra twist to the equation, offering a chic appearance with minute details. The result: extra versatility when it comes to combinations with all sorts of environments, be they ultra modern or sumptuous rustic.

    This model from our catalog of interior oak doors displays the best qualities form each of the above mentioned tendencies in structure and design, bringing together the classic nuance and resistance of the oak and combining it with modern patterns in a sculptural geometric ensemble. The warm fibers and the minimalist vertical simplicity turn this door design into an appealing contemporary product, a timeless piece from our offer of home interior doors and office internal doors alike.
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  4. Modern Interior Door Zebrano Wenge

    Modern Interior Door Zebrano Wenge


    Now this is what we call a fantastic way to bring personality to your spaces by using new interior doors for home and office alike. Careful, though, because this flamboyant wenge design is a definite eye catcher and mood changer in any atmosphere you decide to use it.

    Our definite recommendations for this model are creative, youthful spaces, such as kids’ or adolescents’ rooms, artsy offices or even modern kitchens. With its lively design and vibrating colors, this unique wood trim is sure to make a bold statement into any home or office. Its bold contemporary design is bound to get noticed and radiate some great vibes into the atmosphere, bringing light and color to your interiors.

    The wenge structure gives this model the characteristic resistance of all our wooden interior doors, while the extravagant horizontal patterns make for a unique finishing touch, a memorable and joyful choice in door designs!
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  5. Modern Interior Door Walnut Rio

    Modern Interior Door Walnut Rio


    When it comes to custom interior doors it’s all about the pattern, so when a great design is backed up with such a solid wood like the walnut, you are guaranteed an excellent and highly reliable product. Walnut veneers are known for their great value and highly prized characteristics and their unique arrangement in this Rio door design makes them a truly special choice.

    The dark natural color of the walnut wood makes it sober and gives it a distinguished elegance, while the diagonal stripes provide dynamism and flow to the entire structure. Because of this edgy, but asymmetric arrangement, this door will be a powerful presence in any interior, making a statement of elegance and personality among other house doors. The sharp details and excellently crafted material will attract attention in any kind of interior, so the best way to emphasize this product’s qualities is in a masculine office space with antique details.
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  6. Modern Interior Door European Walnut

    Modern Interior Door European Walnut


    A classic and affordable model in the wood interior doors category, this European Walnut design will easily compliment any kind of interior environment. Walnut naturally comes in different shades of wood and this particular model is not only distinguished through its dense and smoothly finished qualities, but also through its unpretentious and uniform chromatic gamma. This particular dark brown shade is moderate and versatile and you will find it easy to match to bedroom or studios alike.

    The natural irregularities from the wood cut displayed on this door design give it a classic feel of warmth, authenticity and suitability to any interior arrangement. The main aesthetic function of wooden interior doors like this is to bring an organic feeling to even the most aseptic environments, using their natural color and texture to enliven your interiors. Buy interior doors online and you will have the guarantee of an easy and maximum quality purchase.
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  7. Mahogany Interior Door

    Mahogany Interior Door


    The classic and unpretentious aspect of this wood door makes it suitable for a variety of interiors, from your home or studio to your office or private practice. The strong mahogany tones have the ability of bringing a neutral character to the picture, while at the same time maintaining the warmth and natural aspect of your home interior doors. Extremely reliable and eco-friendly, this door resists heavy traffic and reduces noise through its special dense structure.

    The fine details on this classic piece will make all the difference once you get to the process of installing interior doors, and the superior atmosphere it will bring to your home is clearly unsurpassable. In fact, this door design will make you appreciate the minimalist and simple structures for your home in a totally different light, adding the natural element to the interior decoration picture. The result: clean, warm interiors with amazing house doors to sustain the structure.
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  8. Modern Interior Door Light Oak

    Modern Interior Door Light Oak


    Modern minimalism at its best, this design is an excellent choice if you are looking for a doors replacement in your home. Moreover, it will boost the atmosphere in any room, adding a fresh feeling of reliability and light with its professional fixtures and friendly color. Interior oak doors and very solid and highly resistant and they will bring a warm and comforting natural feeling to any interior environment.

    The polished aspect of the natural fibers in this door gives it class and character, making it suitable for open office spaces as well as children’s playrooms or personal studios. The delicate shine embedded in the wood veneers adds a touch of elegance to this clean, modern design, while the skillfully crafted details guarantee the reliability of this product. Check out our full online door store for more similar interior custom doors and get a wider scope of our dedication to functional and aesthetic quality when it comes to interior home doors.
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  9. BESTSELLER Modern Interior Door Wenge Walnut

    BESTSELLER Modern Interior Door Wenge Walnut


    Who said contemporary and elegant styles are not compatible when it comes to door designs? In fact, this wenge interior door does an excellent job of proving this point, displaying some perfect geometric finishes and refined chromatic arrangements. The main structure made from wenge gives this piece stability and reliability, offering it an extra distinctive feature through its unique natural color. Dark and sober, this masculine color will make a perfect match with elegant office spaces, studios or living rooms, giving some extra character to any space.

    The patterned wood and the geometric shifts in lines and nuances enliven the surface of this wooden door, giving it warmth and presence. Designed and manufactured with great attention to detail, this wenge door also pairs well with contemporary levers that give the design an extra edge and provide a strong personality statement. Reliable and elegant, this is one of the best models available on the interior wood doors market.
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  10. TWENTY1 Modern Interior Door

    TWENTY1 Modern Interior Door


    Patterned wood can be one of the most elegant and valuable materials for interior doors, and when you get to have one of the best designed interior oak doors on the market you will immediately understand its amazing qualities. The bleached oak used for this particular piece gives a sandy feeling suitable for luminous, rustic interiors that have generous natural and artificial lighting and can sustain such a clear wood door.

    The alternating horizontal and vertical patterns give this door its character and inner fluidity, in spite of its monochromatic tone. This comes to prove that the new generation of home interior doors tends towards a smart, minimalist approach, where the main traits are hidden in the exquisite details and skilfully crafted finishing touches. A flawless and reliable product, this design stands out from other interior oak doors through its clean simplicity and elegance which are guaranteed to behave extremely well even under high traffic conditions.
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  11. Interior Door Sample

    Interior Door Sample

    The sample package includes 3 pieces:
      1x slab piece; 1x jamb piece; 1x molding piece;

    Order 3-Pack interior doors samples and save 10%.

    View our entire collection of interior doors. Learn More
  12. Bleached Oak Glass 2 Interior Door

    Bleached Oak Glass 2 Interior Door


    This model is one of the stars of our interior glass doors collection. Light and pleasant, it gives the impression of effortless passage between rooms, especially when used with kitchens or even bathrooms. The large frosted glass pieces allow light to circulate through this bleached oak glass interior door, while at the same time maintaining the perfect degree of privacy and concealment. This balance is one of the key concepts our designers have been working on and the result is truly top class.

    The bleached oak structure makes this door seem more approachable and friendly and the light resulting nuance turns into a sheer delight for any kind of space. The beautiful and skillfully crafted details really boost the quality of this product, making it suitable for different chromatic combinations with wooden floors and minimalist furniture. Get the clean and modern effect you were looking for by choosing from our new interior doors for home and office environments. With a piece like this in your general ambience, movement will feel lighter and smoother.
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  13. Bleached Oak Glass Interior Door

    Bleached Oak Glass Interior Door


    Light and pleasant, this glass interior door will bring a clean design and great attention to detail in any surroundings. Use it best in lighter rooms to enhance the transparency of the frosted glass without giving up privacy. The bleached oak structure is another chromatic advantage you can count on, especially when it comes to relaxing your office atmosphere or giving a chic touch to your kitchen or studio.

    This is a prehung interior door, which makes it heavy and a bit harder to maneuver, but whose benefits are equally appealing. The best solution if you are looking for extensive doors replacement in your home, this prehung interior glass door will completely change the appearance of your environment, making it more airy and light. This piece is a great investment because of its crisp design and reliable properties, promising endurance and vitality for years and years to come.
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  14. Wenge Checkers Contemporary Interior Door

    Wenge Checkers Contemporary Interior Door


    It’s not very often that we get to be stunned by the sheer presence and elegance of a wooden door, but this checkers design is definitely among our favorites! Made from heavy, resistant wenge, the wood trim on this door is not just naturally noble, but also highly reliable. Its unique alternatively patterned fibres make for an original door design with a truly distinctive character that will surprise you through its endurance and ergonomic features.

    Match this door with sumptuous interiors for an executive feeling and decorate your rooms with antique, rare objects in order to get the full effect of this piece. You can also play with the patterns of the wooden floors and obtain some remarkable combinations of high quality wooden fixtures for your home. Order your custom door online and get the full benefits of structural reliability and aesthetic quality into one outstanding product.
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  15. Wenge Glass Contemporary Interior Door

    Wenge Glass Contemporary Interior Door


    Get on top of the trends when it comes to new interior doors designs and choose this classy contemporary door for your home or office. The dark and sober color of wenge wood never fails to give an elegant and distinctive note to any interior, making it a masculine choice suitable for modern office and living spaces. The frosted glass vertical insert gives this design transparence and edge, without allowing for proper visibility and therefore maintaining the perfect level of intimacy.

    The crisp cuts of this interior glass door give it its contemporary twist, while the reliable wenge structure offers a classic and timeless nuance. When it comes to glass for interior doors, the consideration of spaces is very important, as you want to get that auratic light effect without sacrificing privacy, and that is exactly what this model is guaranteed to offer. Make the next step and order interior doors online to get the newest trends and highest quality products.
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  16. Modern Interior Door Light Oak Stripes

    Modern Interior Door Light Oak Stripes


    If you are looking to replace interior doors in your home we encourage you to go for the stylish approach and take a good look at this sleek light oak design. Definitely not suitable if you are looking for a plain, classic piece, this door design is for bold owners who want to transform their home into a statement of style, while not going over the top with ornaments or baroque fixtures.

    We are looking at a clean, contemporary design with a light allure, which makes this wood door suitable for all types of home environments, bringing luminosity and freshness into the atmosphere. The dark, slim horizontal lines give it character and charm, transforming into a focal point in any kind of interior. Match it with equally geometric lines or place it in an asymmetric composition with a more artsy interior, this contemporary door is guaranteed to do an excellent job in giving an aesthetic boost to your home, while offering reliability and endurance with long mechanical use.
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  17. Teak Stripes Contemporary Interior Door

    Teak Stripes Contemporary Interior Door


    This robust wood door displays great quality in execution and appearance, making an excellent choice for a variety of interiors and chromatic environments. One of its most important structural features is the resistant teak, a great material used extensively in furniture making due to its endurance and firmness. This makes for a reliable interior door you can count on for years and years to come, even in high traffic conditions.

    The minimalist, yet colourful design of this door turns it into a chic, yet subtle element for any interior. It fits best in compositions with straight and edgy lines, but it can also provide a great contrast to more curvy arrangements. Its bright orange textured appearance gives it character and presence, while the two horizontal black stripes finish everything off in an elegant note. Simple, but not plain, this door design is an excellent choice for warmly decorated studios or living rooms, offering privacy and reliability with a touch of chic sobriety.
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  18. Wenge Oak Contemporary Interior Door

    Wenge Oak Contemporary Interior Door


    Give your apartment or office a chic contemporary look with this sleek interior door. Use it to define a welcoming, yet elegant and distinguished space, with chromatic harmonies that go beyond the door itself and define the entire space in your home or practice. The special combination between wenge and oak brings out the best qualities in both these woods, while their natural colors and alternating patterns give this door design a genuine, natural feel.

    The asymmetric geometric composition between the different colors and patterns of wenge and oak brings a tasteful touch to your wood interior doors, all in a clean, resistant and highly maneuverable product. Give it a feminine twist and use it in any kind of private practice, or go for a more masculine approach and let it greet your clients in modern architecture or design offices. Its key is precisely the minimalist, yet warm approach to composition, which screams professionalism, taste and skillful knowledge when it comes to custom wood doors.
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  19. Grey Oak Modern Interior Door

    Grey Oak Modern Interior Door


    Get to be your own interior decorator and play with nuances a little with the help of this unique and elegant door. With the extra reliable quality of oak interior doors, the characteristic that distinguishes this particular door design is its classy smoky color. The dark gray finishes of the oak veneer are ideal for official and sober office environments or even for private studios, as long as you make sure that you decorate the rest of the room with similar sobriety and taste.

    This design is clean and contemporary, but the visible patterns from the oak veneers give it a touch of warmth and a feeling of security. In fact, you will find that security is not just a feeling with our custom interior doors, and their amazing endurance can considerably raise their value. Try this stylish, reliable model in your home or office and enjoy the comfort of ordering wooden interior doors from our online doors store.
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  20. Modern Interior Door Walnut

    Modern Interior Door Walnut


    Walnut wood has showed us its versatile qualities through the design of many wooden interior doors, being such a great material because of its high density and reliability, as well as its diverse chromatic spectrum. If you are looking for a clean cut, evenly patterned custom door online, then look no further. This model has all the qualities of a simple, contemporary door design and the inherent elegance of dark, impeccably finished wood. This is one of the products you will get to appreciate more and more in the structural and aesthetic arrangement of your house, due to its vital importance and plain elegance.

    Use it in warmly decorated interiors and make it match your wooden floors, or transform it into the sober guardian of a private office space, this interior doors wood model suits all environments. The carefully drawn alternating fibres give this piece edge and dynamism, making it always interesting to watch and reliable to use. And one last advantage: when compared to other interior wood doors prices, this modern walnut model is a guaranteed winner!
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