Slat Wall Panel - One Inch (4 Pack)

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*Orders under 40 sq ft are subject to small order fee.

Slat Wall Panel - One Inch

1 profile covers 2.87 sq ft; 1 pack covers 11.48 sq ft

Lead time: This product takes 2-3 weeks to ship

Each profile is 94 1/2" long; Extra length profiles up to 110" available by request and subject to additional cost and shipping charges.

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Slat Wall Panels One Inch Colors

Do you have a room in your home you want to convert to a home theater? Do you have a large-screen TV and an excellent surround system that is not used enough? Now is the time to create your private home theater. On the upper half of your walls use a rich jewel-tone green or blue. For a more regal touch how about using royal purple? To add some visual interest to the room use our one-inch Slat Wall Panel in walnut to create a regal atmosphere. To continue with the design furnish the space with plush recliners or stadium seating. This will help enhance the movie-watching experience. Include a snack bar, popcorn machine, and a beverage fridge to ensure you have all the necessities for enjoying your movies.

If you prefer a different color wall panel, our packs of four come in multiple options. You might prefer our satin white, natural oak, or teak options. Whichever option you choose they are easy to install and maintain. You will also find that they are easy to clean and are scratch-resistant. These are excellent features in a home with pets and kids.

1 profile covers 2.87 sq ft; 1 pack covers 11.48 sq ft


  • Quick and easy installation and assembly;
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • UV resistant coating
  • Scratch resistant
  • Environmentally friendly materials

Slat Wall Panel - One Inch Measurements:

Slat Wall Panel - One Inch Details Slat Wall Panel - One Inch Cut

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