Discover the pinnacle of sophistication and functionality for your interiors with our exquisite selection of painted European Ash wood veneer wall panels. Meticulously crafted with precision and artistry, these panels redefine elegance by seamlessly blending artisanal craftsmanship with modern aesthetics.

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Distinctive Features:

Experience the tactile allure of open-pore wood veneer, radiating natural beauty and character. The sleek, flat slab style harmonizes effortlessly with contemporary design sensibilities, offered in a vibrant palette of 18 unique colors. Enhanced with a low light reflection coating, these wall panels effortlessly draw attention, infusing depth into any interior.

Customized for Your Space:

Embrace unprecedented customization—our panels are available in custom sizes of up to 9 feet in length. Whether adorning a grand wall or a cozy corner, tailor these panels to seamlessly integrate into your envisioned space.

Exceptional Benefits:

The clear acrylic coating not only enhances aesthetics but also ensures enhanced scratch resistance. The open-pore veneer not only elevates visual appeal but also adds a tactile dimension, inviting touch and admiration. Our specially formulated paint guarantees longevity, resisting yellowing over time, while delivering a smooth, velvety finish.

Unparalleled Advantages:

Experience the unmatched balance of affordability and luxury. Moreover, these panels are available in both horizontal and vertical wood grains, providing versatility to complement diverse design preferences.

For Visionaries:

Appealing to homeowners, interior designers, and contractors alike! Your pursuit of premium, customizable painted wood veneer wall panels ends here. Elevate your spaces with panels that embody finesse and endurance.

Clarity in Your Choice:

Discover the perfect fusion of elegance, durability, and customization. Our painted ash veneer panels not only elevate your interiors but also ensure lasting appeal, guaranteeing timeless spaces.

Make a statement. Choose painted ash veneer wall panels that speak volumes.

FAQs for Painted Wood Veneer Panels

What is open-pore wood veneer?

Open pore wood veneer has certain advantages that might be preferred depending on the project or individual taste. Its notable characteristics include:

  • Natural Texture: Open pore veneers maintain the natural texture of the wood, providing a more authentic and tactile feel showcasing the wood's natural beauty and texture.
  • Visual Appeal: The visible pores and grain patterns can add depth and character to furniture or surfaces, enhancing the visual appeal.
  • Distinctive Look: It often showcases the unique characteristics of the wood species used, highlighting its individuality.

What are the advantages of acrylic coating finish?

  • Protection: Acrylic coatings provide a protective layer that shields the wood veneer from scratches, moisture, and stains, thereby increasing its durability and longevity.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Acrylic coatings can enhance the appearance of the wood veneer by adding depth, shine, and color vibrancy. They can also bring out the natural beauty of the wood grain.
  • Resistance to Yellowing: High-quality acrylic coatings are formulated to resist yellowing over time, maintaining the clarity and color of the wood veneer.

Do you color match to other colors?

In the realm of colors, consistency holds significant importance. While the allure of coordinating with other hues is undeniable, adhering to our established palette guarantees seamless compatibility for future additions or replacements. Our meticulously crafted palette of 18 colors was thoughtfully curated, drawing from diverse interior design trends, aiming to offer you an extensive range of possibilities to explore.

Do you offer other wood veneers which can be painted?

Our exclusive focus on ash wood stems from its unparalleled visual appeal for an open-pore wood veneer. Through our extensive testing and dedication to achieving the finest aesthetics, we've found that ash veneer consistently surpasses other wood types in its stunning appearance and depth. Thus we decided to use it exclusively for this line of wall panels.

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