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Wall paneling systems for modern interiors

Wall paneling systems for modern interiors

We know how wall mounted wood panels can affect the feel of a room. Our wood paneling systems are intended to do just that: allow you to use designer wood panels to create a look and feel that is unique to your living and working spaces. The natural wood patterns on our wood wall panels are precisely the details that make a wall paneling system so attractive: with a simple installation of a single detail, you can recreate the entire feel of your interior design.

You’ve seen this dignified look in before: in doctors’ offices or maybe at a law firm or an agency you visited. Or maybe it was in a resort you visited, where the warmth of the panels seemed to pull you in. Professional interior designers have been taking advantage of the serene, simple grace these wood panels offer for decades. Using 27estore.com, you can now bring this same look into your home or office for a fraction of the cost. You can achieve the same look you’ve always admired.

Let us work with you to custom-craft something in the 4-8 foot range – you choose the perfect wood finish to complement your interior. The impact it will have will be breathtaking, and you could use it in a living room, a study, or an entryway to create a dignified, modern appeal.

Wood wall panels create a unique aesthetic value within any space. The artistry comes from matching your interior design to the many options in wall panels you’ll find below. Our products use Italian natural wood veneers and eco-friendly materials painstakingly crafted to-order, to give you a wood panel that is sensitive to your design needs, built to last, and still 100% conscious of the environmental impact.

Wood paneling builds character

Wood paneling builds character

Take a simple slab wall. You find them everywhere – in office spaces, in living rooms – anywhere people congregate. By adding some simple wood paneling to this simple slab, you are immediately adding character to the room. What kind of character? Well, that depends a lot on which type of wood panel you decide is right for you.

Take a simple oak wall panel. We might finish this for you in a variety of ways – from a clear-coated shine to a dark stain, there are different and distinct ways oak behaves. Each color would create a different effect for you – from the subdued to the passionate. Just tell us what works best, and we’ll help you to match it to one of the many fine quality materials we offer.

Or maybe a bold, modern look is what you are seeking from your new wood paneling. Perhaps a natural wood grain like oak, rosewood or teak feels too traditional in your space. You may find a perfect match in our Safari line, where wood patterns are brought to life with neutral black-and-white finishes to build a contemporary flair that is very workable, very urban chic.

Our ability to customize these wall panels for you also leaves you lots of space to be creative. Tell us what works best for you, and we’ll put it together in a wall panel system made specifically for you.

The character of your interior design can find new means of expression when you use our online selection to guide the way. Use the look of ebony, teak, macassar, rosewood, oak, and other delicious grains and visual textures to build. Wall panels offer you a smart, simple way to cover a lot of ground (or is it wall?) in your best interior designs. Take a note from the pros – look to the simple dignity of wall panels to create a modern warmth, and fill your space with inviting, contemporary character.

Easy Installation

With the use of the aluminum rails and z-clips we are offering, the installation of our wall paneling turns into a simple and easy process. Each hanging rail and z-clips comes pre-driled with screw holes ready to be installed.

Can’t decide?

Can’t decide?

While we hope our online selection makes finding the perfect wall panels easy, we understand that the perfect fit in terms of style and color is a carefully measured decision. To help, we offer you some wall panel samples so you can make a better, more informed decision.

And if you’d like to discuss some custom wall panels, our design and fabrication teams are standing by, eager to hear what you need. We’ll be glad to work with you to customize wall paneling systems.

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