1. Satin Smooth Finish Collection – The Neutral Shades

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    Our Satin Smooth Finish collection brings something new to the cabinetry game. They are superior cabinet doors made of high-quality materials. In the initial cabinet door release, we afforded those upgrading their cabinetry with a variety of bright and cheery colors. A few shades on the darker side of the color wheel were also included.

    The latest additions to our Satin Smooth Finish Collection come in a variety of neutral shades. These new hues range from light colors to darker shades. The vast array of colors allows for the perfect backdrop to any design style or theme.

    When you are in the market for new cabinet doors, do not limit yourself

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  2. The Versatility of High Gloss Lacquered Cabinet Doors

    Versatility of High Gloss Lacquered Cabinet Doors

    There are many stages to planning your kitchen or bathroom remodel. One of the key elements in either space is the cabinetry. Upon deciding on a theme, the next step is to consider the color, style, and finish of your cabinet doors. Depending on the look you are going for, you may feel overwhelmed by the many options available. One of the most versatile options that you can choose from is our High Gloss Lacquered Cabinet doors.


    There are numerous reasons to opt for a high gloss finish when remodeling one of your spaces. Here are a few key reasons:

    - Highly Reflective – Rooms appear brighter as the high gloss finish serves as a mirror allowing light to bounce around the room. T

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  3. Satin Smooth Finish Collection – Next Level Cabinet Doors

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    All cabinet doors are not the same. There are numerous options to choose from when it comes time to remodel the cabinetry in your kitchen, bathroom, or other room of your home. When you are looking to upgrade your cabinetry there is much more to consider than just what color and design you want. You need to consider the quality and benefits afforded you and the other members of your household.

    The new Satin Smooth cabinet doors we offer are not your standard cabinet doors. One of the first things you notice is the diversity and beauty of the six different shades. These beautiful colors will work in a variety of design styles. The available colors are:


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  4. Cabinet Door Handles for the Modern Kitchen

    Cabinet Door Handles for the Modern Kitchen

    When planning out your kitchen remodel one of the most important elements to consider is handles or pulls. How you open and close all of your kitchen cabinetry is something that requires a bit of thought. Traditional knobs are appealing and aesthetically pleasing. It is also extremely easy to snag your clothes on them. Finger pull handles are a sleek and stylish option that can be visible or hidden. They keep the seamless look of your cabinets intact by attaching to the interior of the cabinet doors and drawers, instead of the face.


    These well-crafted finger pull handles are designed with both functionality and visual appeal in mind. To ensure they provide the necessary functionality they are available in 1 3/4", 3" and

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  5. Stylish Modern Kitchen Remodel

    Stylish Modern Kitchen Remodel


    When pondering kitchen remodel ideas it is important to take into consideration all of the features you need in your kitchen. The first thing to consider is the size of your kitchen. Do you have a home with a small space or do you have a large open space with ample room? Are you looking for functionality, a specific theme, or bold colors? Some people only want to do a kitchen remodel that requires minimal effort. Others want to completely gut a space and start from scratch.

    The kitchen showcased throughout the following photos is of extremely high quality. A remodel of this caliber is no easy task. This kitchen was designed to be aesthetically pleasing, functional, all while being a modern open concept space.

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  6. Brighten Your Kitchen Cabinetry




    Having ample lighting in the kitchen is essential. Unfortunately getting all of the light you need is not possible with typical pendant and recessed light fixtures. Why don’t they work? The answer is simple; they do not always offer enough light where you need it the most – on your kitchen counters.

    Why is this an issue? Standard lighting doesn’t provide adequate lighting for those surfaces where wall cabinets are installed. This lack of lighting creates dark areas in your kitchen. Fortunately, now you can use the Integrated LED aluminum profile lighting system to brighten up your kitchen cabinetry.


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  7. The Blum Lift Systems: The Ideal Upgrade


    Kitchens are the hub of most households. People gravitate to the room not just for food and drinks but socializing as well. With so much time spent in the kitchen, it is important to have a room that is not only visually appealing but also extremely functional. A kitchen should welcome people into the space and allow them the ability to prep and cook meals with minimal hindrances.

    The creation of Blum Lift Systems has changed the way people can spend time in the kitchen. The new systems allow for ease of opening and closing doors in a highly effective and stylish way. There are also a variety of systems available to ensure that the ideal system for your needs is installed.


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  8. Acrylic Matte Boards: Your Renovation Solution

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    - 17mm premium MDF core

    - 0.7mm thick matte lacquer acrylic face

    - 0.6mm high-impact polystyrene film reverse side

    - High UV stability

    - Smooth soft-to-the-touch finish


    Materials and design techniques are forever evolving. What is the perfect design option one day may be extremely passé the next. When

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  9. Dual-Tone Kitchen Cabinets: Revitalize Your Design


    After years of living in your home, your kitchen design can seem dull. The colors that once suited the overall look and feel of your kitchen just don’t work for you any longer. You have a few options if it is time to change the look of your kitchen. You can take control of the design process yourself or hire a professional. Whichever choice you decide one thing is for certain, the new kitchen design will revitalize this much-used space.

    With so many popular trends it can be difficult to choose the ideal one for your home. One incredibly popular trend that has been around for some time now is the dual-tone kitchen cabinet option. It gives the individual the ability to incorporate two or more complementary colors i

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  10. Ambia-Line: The Height of Organization


    A kitchen is a place that can easily land in a state of disarray. Things that don’t have a specific location for storage can end up cluttering the kitchen counters. Things can get stashed away in the back of dark cabinets to be forgotten. To help with these issues it is necessary to create a kitchen design that affords a home with plenty of storage. In addition to adequate storage, it is also important to have things properly organized. There are many ways to create the perfect kitchen design when the right cabinetry and organization tools are available.

    One of the best options for kitchen cabinetry is the Legrabox. They were designed with storage, organization, and ease-of-use in mind. To further the efficiency o

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