When it comes to remodeling or refurbishing a home, many homeowners focus on the main elements such as the cabinetry, countertops, and bathroom elements. Very few give much thought to the color of the trim, but this detail can completely determine the feeling of a room. Starkly contrasting trim can make a room look vivid and bright, and matching trim to interior doors can create a room with more muted tones. So, what’s the right choice? 

To Match or Not to Match?

The decision to match your trim or not is going to come down to the image you want your home to convey. What one person finds gaudy and off-putting, another homeowner may find comforting. Everyone has a color scheme they find most appealing. 

The Uniformity Perspective

Matching your doors to your trim–for example, white doors with white trim–makes a room feel continuous and unbroken. This can help a room to feel more open and larger. This is especially great if you have small rooms and want to keep your guests from feeling claustrophobic. 

Another advantage of matching trim is its ability to fool the eye into not realizing it’s even there. Why would that be our goal? Perhaps you have some art or other decorative elements you want the eye to be drawn to. Matching your trim with your doors can also trick the eye into overlooking the door's presence in favor of what's on the walls. These tricks are all part of the trade for a professional designer who has been given the task of making a house feel like a home, no matter the size. 

Modern Contrast

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Not everyone wants a whitewashed room. Those with more modern sensibilities or who wish for more of what Americans would term a ‘European Look' may decide that contrasting the trim with the doors is just what a room needs to stand out and look unique. 

From a designer's perspective, we are once again leaning towards tricking the eyes and forcing them to focus where we want them to. In the case of ornate doors that you wish to show off, contrasting trim is a perfect way to compel the eye to focus on the doors. Similarly, if you’ve gone to the trouble to learn how to measure internal doors and found yours to be narrow, a contrasting trim can be just what you need.

Modern or not, those with large rooms may find that white doors, walls, and trim can make a room feel empty. Contrasting trim breaks up a wall's color scheme and helps it feel less infinite, making the room feel fuller. Before you add another layer of paint, however, it’s important to know that paint layers can contribute to why interior doors stick.

Remodeling to Sell

Those looking for a quick sale may do well to match their trim to the doors, as this is the style of the majority of homes. Many closed deals have been put off by a home having a unique feature that the owner loved but other people dislike. Uniformity can be a positive quality in the real estate market. 

That being said, if the rest of your home is unique by design, the last thing a buyer is worried about is trim color–they are likely already in the market for a home with distinctive design. 

Whether you’re looking to remodel your home for your own updated tastes or looking for a quick makeover to flip your latest rental property, 27EStore has all of your needs covered. With our durable design and huge color selection, we’re sure to have just the thing to get the aesthetic you’re looking for!