In some vintage kitchen designs, the cabinets are installed in an odd location–directly in the middle of the kitchen wall. This type of positioning is standard in old houses, and while it can give your kitchen that quaint, vintage feel, it’s not always the smartest design choice.

Lowly-hung cabinets placed in the middle of the wall cut off the height of the kitchen, creating the impression of a cramped space even if your kitchen is sizable. One way around this problem is to raise the height of your cabinets, which creates an instant feeling of spaciousness and allows more room for storage under the cabinets.

Fortunately, raising the height of your kitchen cabinets is relatively easy and can be a fun DIY project. So, if you don’t want to buy new , let’s dive into how you can raise your existing ones.

How to Raise Kitchen Cabinet Height

Here are five steps for adding height to your kitchen cabinets:

  1. First, carefully loosen and remove the screws securing the cabinet to the wall. Generally, there are only four screws, but ensure that the cabinet is fully unscrewed before tugging it off the wall to avoid causing any tears or damage.
  2. Next, raise the cabinets to your desired height. Take careful measurements to ensure all cabinets are moved to the same level, using a level to double-check that each cabinet is even.
  3. Re-screw the cabinet back into the wall. You might have to drill new holes in the wall if there aren’t any. Don’t unnecessarily drill through your cabinet again; simply screwing through the previous drill holes should work.
  4. Once you’ve raised the cabinets, you might just have uncovered an unpainted patch on your wall where the cabinets used to be. The next step is to cover up this patch. You can either remodel and spice up your design with some decorative tiles, or simply use a lick of paint to match the color of the rest of your kitchen walls. Make sure to fill in any drill holes with putty and smoothen over the surface before you get your brushes out.
  5. Make good use of all this new-found space under your cabinet! Install a narrow spice rack, mount an open shelf for additional storage, or set up larger appliances (like a coffee machine) under the cabinet for added functionality.

Other Ways to Add Height to Your Cabinets

If you’re not a fan of unscrewing and screwing your cabinets all over again, try one of these alternative ways to add height to your cabinets for a more functional and sophisticated kitchen.

1. Install New Crown Molding

Crown molding can be a great way to , raising the eye level and making your kitchen space look bigger. Installing new crown molding works especially well in traditional homes with an elegant design, such as homes with Colonial or Georgian cabinetry.

You can do this by yourself in three simple steps. Start by removing any existing crown molding, including nails and caulk. Carefully measure and cut out each new piece and mark out their positions. Nail, caulk, and paint the walls, and you’re done!

If a DIY project doesn’t row your boat, you can hire a professional to install new crown molding for you. They generally charge between $4 and $15 per linear foot for labor and supplies.

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2. Layering Cabinets

If you have enough space above your cabinets, installing an additional layer of cabinetry is the best way to add extra height to your kitchen cabinets. This also gives you additional storage space, which comes in handy in smaller kitchens. However, buying can be pricey, so this option is only suitable if you have a good budget.

When stacking an additional layer of cabinets, make sure the upper layer is approximately half the height of the original cabinets you have installed. You can add dramatic lighting and tinted glass doors or paint the cabinets a contrasting color to level up your kitchen space.

Installing a new layer of cabinets on top of your pre-existing cabinets may be slightly tricky, so it’s a good idea to call in a professional.

3. Add Storage and Height With Shelves

One way to make your cabinets taller is by installing a layer of shelves above them. Don’t place everyday-use items on top of the shelves as you might not be able to reach them easily. We recommend using these shelves for decorative purposes–put up a display of your favorite collectibles, a vintage vase, or your favorite thrifted tea set.

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