Most people who want to give their kitchen a new look find a common problem—the kitchen cabinets don’t make it all the way to the ceiling. Due to this, their kitchen not only appears to be unfinished, but it also doesn't maximize storage space. If this sounds familiar to you, we’ll provide ways to turn your regular cabinets into tall kitchen cabinets. The best part is that this process is easy and doesn’t require a big investment!


How to Add Height To Kitchen Cabinets

Adding height to your kitchen cabinets is easy and cost effective. However, making a decision about how to add height to kitchen cabinets can be overwhelming. You could make a bold statement with stylish decoration or create a classic and timeless look–the possibilities are endless, so it all comes down to your intentions and budget.


Use Decorative Molding 


We suggest using decorative moulding to make your cabinets appear taller. There are different types, such as crown molding, which is applied to the upper part of the furniture, and base trim, incorporated into the lower part. Either way, this solution can not only give your cabinets height but can provide an interesting contrast to existing surfaces. If you own a home with traditional decor, crown decoration might be right for you. Consider pairing different shapes and styles for an eye-catching look that will bring life and height to your kitchen cabinets. 


Paint Your Cabinets 


Using paint can create the illusion of higher cabinets. As their size is often limited, clever design tricks can make them look taller than they actually are. One way to achieve this is by using light colors. For example, by pairing white walls with light-colored cabinets, the perception of height is created. This is often compounded by the incorporation of decorative elements such as chair rails or wainscotting. The reason for this comes down to human perception—lighter colors create the illusion that there’s more height in the space than there actually is.

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Use Curtains


Hanging curtains or blinds from the ceiling is a great option for those looking to give a lift to their kitchen. By doing so, you can easily add an unexpected sense of airiness and, as a result, make the kitchen cabinets seem taller. This trick goes a long way towards creating impactful visuals and making your kitchen space look larger than it actually is. 


Decorate the Top of Your Cabinets


You can add height to your kitchen cabinets with another simple trick—decorate the tops of them with vases and plants. The intention is to draw attention upwards and fill any empty spaces. Tall plants or vases are a great way to add interest while keeping a consistent look that won’t be overwhelming. You can even place something whimsical like an antique teapot or vintage piece on top of the cabinets to add some personality. You don’t have to stick with one uniform shape either—change it up for added visual appeal and a playful feel.


Lastly, there is one key aspect that will make all the difference—knowing how to tell what kitchen cabinets are made of. This will be essential when it comes to deciding what to do to make your cabinets appear taller, so make sure to check our latest blog posts to discover how best to do it!