Modern cabinet doors can drastically transform your kitchen. Of course, when upgrading your space, it’s important to consider not just the cost of kitchen cabinet doors and how they’ll look, but their sizes, too. 

When it comes to fitting kitchen cabinet doors, sizes will differ depending on the type of cabinet. Generally, some standards can guide you. 

For example, base cabinets are typically 34.5 inches in height and rarely more than twenty-four inches deep; wall cabinets can go from twelve to forty-two inches in height with a usual depth of twelve inches; tall cabinets are eighty-four to ninety inches in height with a standard depth of twenty-four inches.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the three main types of kitchen cabinets and their standard sizing and variations to help you get the right ones for your kitchen.

Base Cabinets

Base cabinets are the foundation of any kitchen. On them sit the sink, countertop, or food prep areas, so it’s extremely rare not to have any in your space. 

They come in various types and even more drawer and door options. That said, they’re generally 34.5 inches in height (excluding the dimensions of the countertop) with a toe-kick that often measures at 4.5 inches. 

They’re usually twenty-four inches deep, but can be shortened to account for uses or locations that can’t accommodate much depth. The shallowest base cabinet is often only twelve inches deep; the width of base cabinets can vary from nine to thirty-six inches.

Lazy Susan Cabinets

‘Lazy Susan cabinets’ refer to L-shaped base corner cabinets that feature two doors. Their standard sizing is similar to standard base cabinets: thirty-three inches in height and nine inches in width (thirty-inch tall doors) or thirty-six inches in height and twelve inches in width (thirty-inch tall doors).

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Blind Corner Cabinets

Also known as ‘single-base corner cabinets,’ blind corner cabinets fit into a corner and have a single door and an open section. These use up the empty space of your kitchen (especially if you can’t have Lazy Susan cabinets). Their dimensions can range from 34.5 inches with a fifteen-inch door to forty-three inches with a twenty-three-inch door.

Wall Cabinets

Wall cabinets are mounted to the walls and are generally used to hold up plates, glasses, and other kitchen items. They generate the most aesthetic value in terms of kitchen cabinetry–you can accessorize them in various ways and play with sizing to control how your space looks. 

In most cases, the sizes will depend on the height of your kitchen ceiling, as they need to be positioned at least eighteen inches above your countertops for adequate headroom.

The standard sizes for wall cabinets are as follows:

  • Height: thirty, thirty-six, or forty-two inches
  • Width twelve to thirty-six inches
  • Depth twelve to twenty-four inches

Over-fridge cabinets usually go twenty-four inches deep, while those used over microwaves tend to range from fifteen to eighteen inches. Similar to base cabinets, wall cabinets can differ in three-inch increments.

Tall Cabinets

Tall cabinets are installed in kitchens that require a lot of storage space, including that for kitchen appliances. They have a standard height of either eighty-four, ninety, or ninety-six inches (the latter referring to floor-to-ceiling cabinetry for eight-inch high ceilings), with a depth starting at twenty-four inches (though there are also twelve-inch deep tall cabinets to choose from if you’re tight on space).

Customizing Kitchen Cabinet Door Sizes with 27EStore

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