While contemporary wood interior doors are in style right now, not everyone wants to go down this design route. That’s okay–thankfully, there are other options. Black interior doors may be on your radar, but are they a fad that will just go out of style in the next five years?


Black interior doors can sound harsh in concept, but the reality is, they can suit a wide range of design concepts. Today, we’ll explore the design trend that is black interior doors and whether they’re a flash in the pan or a lasting investment.


Painted or DIY Black Interior Doors?


If it’s in your budget to buy black interior doors, it’s much easier to do that than to paint them yourself. However, you can paint any door black if your budget doesn’t allow for brand-new doors.


You might not know what kind of paint to use–can you use exterior paint on interior doors, for example? It’s typically not recommended to do this because exterior paint uses harsh chemicals that can be harmful to inhale. You have far less ventilation inside than outside, so it’s best to use a paint designed for interior use. Some options include acrylic and latex-based paints.


Are Black Interiors Trendy?


Black interior doors aren’t just trendy–they’re timeless. Neutrals are always in, and black is a neutral color, albeit a bold one. Black is a sophisticated color that makes a statement, so if your home needs a boost, consider painting your doors black.


One reason why black interior doors are trending right now is that contrasting colors are also in fashion. Black doors on white walls creates the ultimate contrast, so you can feature two trends with one simple addition to your home.


Additionally, black interior doors work well with most home interior styles. Whether you’re going for a farmhouse, modern, traditional, or industrial look, you can achieve it with dark-colored doors.


Why Have Black Interior Doors?


There are some advantages to having black interior doors besides aesthetics. Believe it or not, your home value will increase when you paint your doors black. That’s because potential buyers see these doors as elegant.


Black interior doors are also easy to maintain. Dirt doesn’t show easily against black, unlike white doors that showcase every smudge, scratch, and scuff. You won’t need to put as much effort into cleaning as you would with a lighter-colored door.


Because black interior doors are timeless, you’ll get plenty of use out of them. You won’t feel a need to replace them often because they won’t simply go out of style. This makes them a great investment piece in your home.


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Where to Buy Black Interior Doors


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