In most cases, residential interior door installation requires a permit. However, door replacements often don’t require a permit. To be certain, you must check the building code in your area or speak with a civil engineer.

Regardless of whether you would like to put your home on the market and raise its value or simply want to do a couple of renovations, the fact is that before you can commence work, you will need to secure permits. On the other hand, with an interior door replacement project, you will not have to get a permit. Some municipalities may offer professional advice regarding how you can remodel, but you will not be obligated to get a permit for this kind of work.

There is no denying that a home with a sunroom or other modern features like can score a better price than those without them. Sprucing up your home can also provide you with an excellent chance for you to wow potential buyers. Anyone who has done extensive renovations in their home will tell you that securing building permits can take time, cost a significant amount of money, and can be very frustrating.

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Standards and Requirements

Most people don’t know that there are international code requirements that regulate windows and doors. These codes cover a wide range of topics and are generally out of the scope of individual remodeling projects, like egress and impact resistance.

Another unknown element is the fenestration standards–these require windows to withstand a certain level of wind speeds, which is particularly important in areas like the Midwest. Doors also have similar regulations regarding size, safety, and in some cases, energy efficiency.

For most homeowners, such aspects can be overwhelming, especially when all they want to do is remodel their property. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about these rules when working with professionals, who can provide you with quality materials that meet the required standards, or when working with interior door projects.

Adding a new residential exterior door where one did not exist before, though, will almost always require some kind of permit; certain municipalities will even require a permit just for direct replacement. This is because, just like roofing, an exterior door is another highly visible area of your home. As a result, you should always expect to do some paperwork before doing work on windows or exterior doors.

Generally, the type of door is immaterial for the purposes of permits. So, it won’t matter if you’re installing a or hollow door.

However, with an interior door addition or replacement, you won’t need a permit, although some municipalities may have suggestions on how to go about interior installations in general.

In Summary

Interior door remodeling or installation projects sometimes require permits. However, getting advice from a professional contractor can help you achieve the look you want and ensure that the structural integrity of your home remains strong.

Still, exterior doors or other exterior installations will likely require permission, so be sure to have your paperwork completed before beginning such a project.

If you’re replacing or adding doors to your home to improve your energy efficiency, there’s a lot to know about the and how they compare to other types of doors–check out our latest articles.