People assume that a kitchen upgrade always involves completely new cabinets, but you can give your space a drastically updated look without rehauling everything! It’s perfectly okay to put new cabinet doors on old cabinets, especially if your base remains solid. 

Some people even choose to just reverse kitchen cabinet doors if their frames are still in good shape. The trick here, though, is to invest in modern cabinet doors, such as the ones featured on 27EStore that can give your kitchen a timeless aesthetic.

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

‘Cabinet refacing’ is the technical term for putting new cabinet doors on old cabinets. It involves replacing the fronts of your cabinets with new frames or doors while maintaining your current cabinet boxes. It’s a DIY-friendly project that’s also cost-effective and good for the environment!

Cabinet Replacement Versus Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet replacement and cabinet refacing are similar but different. The former involves ripping out your entire cabinet system, including the bases, while the latter only changes the fronts of your cabinets, specifically the doors.

Why Put New Cabinet Doors on Old Cabinets

Putting new cabinet doors on old cabinets is an affordable, eco-friendly, and easy way to update your kitchen. Here are some reasons why you should consider cabinet refacing:

Simple Upgrade

Cabinet refacing is a simple upgrade that you can do on a budget and by yourself. You can buy new cabinet doors from a trusted shop like 27EStore, then make it a day’s project to remove your existing frames and replace them with your new fixtures.

Flexible Design

Changing your cabinet doors can significantly affect the entire look of your kitchen. And with choices from 27EStore, you have full aesthetic control, whether you’re focusing on material, design, or color. 

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Eco-Friendly Solution

Refacing your cabinets is much more environmentally-friendly than taking out your entire cabinet system–you reduce waste and maximize your materials. It’s an especially ideal solution if your cabinets are still pretty solid anyway.

How to Put New Cabinet Doors on Old Cabinets

Putting new cabinet doors on old cabinets only involves removing the existing frames and re-installing the new ones. To do this, be sure that you have the right tools with you and that you’re wearing the proper protective gear (for your eyes and ears).

The first step is to remove your old cabinet doors, which you can do by unscrewing them from the hinges. Depending on your new doors, you may have to remove all the hardware and start anew to accommodate different sizes and dimensions. If you have any holes that need to be covered, fill them in with wood fillers. 

Once you’ve successfully removed your old cabinet doors, re-install your new ones by mounting them on the old cabinets. Be sure that you attach the hinges and screws properly. You’ll want to mark them before doing any actual drilling and screwing to make sure everything will come out aligned. Finally, attach any hardware or accessories before finishing up.

When you’re happy with your new fixtures, make sure that you remember how to clean kitchen cabinet doors to keep them looking fresh for a long time!

New Custom Modern Cabinet Doors From 27EStore

27EStore is ready to help you bring your kitchen to the next level with modern cabinet doors. You can choose from a variety of colors and finishes to match your space’s aesthetic, and each cabinet frame is built custom to your size requirements. Check out our vast catalog of modern cabinet doors today!