Wood veneer panels have long been used by interior design aficionados to add a higher level of aesthetic to cabinetry, furniture, and other unorthodox applications. They’re often preferred for many reasons, including their affordability, durability, versatility, appeal, and eco-friendliness. 

In this article, we’ll explore the many benefits of using the finest wood veneer from 27estore in your home and discuss different wood wall paneling ideas that you can take inspiration from!

What Is Wood Veneer?

Wood veneer is a popular material used in the furniture industry–it’s made by slicing thin sheets of wood extracted from tree trunks. This wood is great for covering surfaces for a natural earthy yet elegant finish.

Wood veneer is available in a wide range of colors, as well as various grain patterns, textures, and treatments (stains, varnishes, and lacquers).

Benefits of Wood Veneer


Wood veneer sheets are very affordable, especially if you compare them to traditional hardwood. Glued to an engineered wood substrate, they can even offer a similar look and feel to hardwood! Wood veneer offers an easy way to create a natural aesthetic in your space without burning a hole in your wallet.

Strength and Durability

Natural wood cabinetry and furniture can crack or swell under extreme temperatures and moisture. Wood veneer panels can withstand these conditions better, making them highly durable and long-lasting. 

They’re also not prone to common issues like warping, splitting, or seasonal movement. By applying them to engineered wood boards, you increase the substrate’s strength and lifespan.


All wood veneer is unique because each one comes from a different source, so you’ll have a wide variety of products to choose from based on your needs and preferences. Pick from a range of patterns, colors, textures, and finishes to match or complement your space.

The versatility of wood veneer also extends to its use; it’s an incredibly easy material to work with. You can use it in kitchens, bedrooms, offices, venues, hotels, and shops in a variety of applications, from tables to cabinets to centerpieces.


Wood veneer replicates the appeal of natural wood furniture, and using it elevates any type of space with a luxurious look. Plus, each panel’s original pattern and design configuration can give you a unique way to tie a room together.


Wood veneer is a low-waste and eco-friendly solution, particularly when compared to traditional hardwood. One single log of wood can produce several sheets–each of which can be crushed in fibers to be recycled for further applications. Additionally, because wood veneer is natural, it’s non-toxic.

Where To Use Wood Veneer

Wood veneer sheets can be used for multiple applications, such as for:


Wood veneer is most commonly used for furniture. Different finishes can be applied to desks, countertops, tables, and more to give them a natural-looking finish and increase their durability.


Home or office cabinets also often use wood veneer for extra protection and durability. Wood veneer is a great option here because it provides an elegant look for a fraction of the cost!


Some artists use wood veneer for their work as it can give a natural wood aesthetic while being easy to work with. It’s light, stable, and easily available, making it a good option for canvases, bases, and instruments.


Wood veneer can be carved or transformed into inlay woodwork that can embellish different pieces of furniture. It can also be applied to modern marquetry for ornamental designs.

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Ceilings, Floors, and Walls

Wood veneer also works well in structural interior elements like ceilings, floors, and walls. You can choose a finish that matches your space and gives it a classy ambiance. Because wood veneer is stable, easy to maintain, and wear-resistant, it also makes for a good solution for surfacing your home or office.

Fantastic Wood Veneer Panels From 27estore

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