Adding wood veneer wall panels from 27estore is a great way to add aesthetic value to a space–you can use it to complement surfaces or to add an accent to an otherwise plain room, among other visual upgrades! 

There are plenty of ideas that you can take inspiration from for using wood wall paneling for your home, from creating accent walls to adding a bit of color to transforming the panels into pieces of art. In this guide, we’ll give you some options to explore.

What Is Wood Wall Paneling?

‘Wood wall paneling’ refers to the decorative treatment of walls and similar surfaces with a series of wood sheets, or ‘panels,’ that are framed together. You can achieve this look using natural wood panels, but that can quickly burn a big hole in your pocket. An alternative is to use wood veneer on a substrate, which isn’t just more economical, but is more eco-friendly and durable, as well. 

What is a wood veneer? Wood veneers are thin sheets of natural wood taken from logs. They’re commonly used in the furniture industry for covering surfaces to give it an elegant earthy look. The great thing about wood veneer is that it’s available in a wide range of species and finishes, so you can choose an aesthetic that matches your needs and preferences while knowing that you have a unique piece in your hands!

Creative Wood Wall Paneling Ideas

Wood wall paneling can effectively transform your space into something new. It can make a room look more sophisticated, homey, striking, interesting, or simply cohesive. 

If you’re not yet sure how you can integrate wood wall panels into your home, here are some creative ideas to get you started:

Create Accent Walls

If you’re working with a minimalist space and find that it can come off as a little bit boring, adding an accent wall with similarly hued wood wall panels can give it an accent that doesn’t throw off the whole aesthetic. Wood wall paneled accent walls also work for any type of room that needs a bit more dimension or a pop of color or elemental design.

Add Painted Panels

If regular panels aren’t doing it for you, try painting over them! Painted wood wall panels are a simple way to add a striking visual element to a space. Just make sure that you choose a color that matches the overall vibe of the room, and that you pick the right type of paint that works with the material you have.

Art Panels

Wood wall panels don’t have to be so straightforward–you can play with them by cutting out shapes into the wood, giving them their own design accent. You can also work with the placement of the panels. You can arrange them like frames, then add artwork or change the color in the center to give it a bit more pizzazz!

Mix and Match Walls

Many people think that when working with wood panels, it’s only best to stick to one type. But mixing and matching your panels can give a new depth to a space. You can explore different finishes, textures, or thicknesses of your panels. You may also explore panel ceiling ideas to integrate with a wood panel accent wall.

Try Shiplap

Shiplap is a popular wood wall paneling choice that instantly gives a space a more beachy laid-back vibe. It’s simple, yet sophisticated; even with simple colors, it can bring a whole new visual flair to your home.

Tips for Wood Wall Paneling

To make your wood wall paneling ideas shine, here are some tips to follow for transforming your space with wood wall panels:

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Invest in Quality

For your wood wall paneling to look impressive, you need to invest in quality wood wall paneling–but this can get expensive. A great budget-friendly alternative is to use high-quality wood veneers from 27estore, instead. You’ll achieve the same look and even better durability for a fraction of the price!

Consider Overall Aesthetic

Don’t be afraid to explore the different wood wall paneling options you have, from different wood to a variety of finishes. Be sure to consider the overall look of the space you’re working with, making sure that your choice complements the room cohesively.

Find a Peg

If you already have a creative wood wall paneling idea in mind, search for pegs that look as close to your vision as possible so that your suppliers and contractors can replicate it properly.

The Best Wood Veneers from 27estore for Wood Wall Paneling

27estore has a wide range of wood veneers that you can use for any of your wood wall paneling ideas. Explore our catalog for the finest quality picks at cost-effective prices!