Are you looking to change the appearance of a room, or rooms in your home, and a simple coat of paint, wall paper, or borders just isn't what you are looking for. Would you like to make a room look bigger ,warmer, or just more elegant. This can be done at a lot lower cost then you may think, but with the exact outcome you are expecting.

The answer is a Wall paneling system from You may have seen these modern wood panels in doctors offices, business buildings and even resorts. These wood panels are Italian veneer and can be made to order. The variety of colors and styles is endless, you can choose from oak veneers, that can be clear coated for a brighter more open look, or stained to match existing furniture or floors in your home. You can also choose from teak, ebony, or rosewood to transform that ordinary room into that special room you have been wanting. Wall panels are a quick and easy way to cover any area, small or large, with little hassle, but great results.

At 27estore you can look through our online selection of panels to help you get a better picture of what colors and styles will fit the needs you have. Remember, if more help is needed, design and fabrication personal are always ready to help in any way possible. Here at our store we have the ability to customize any wall panel, therefore letting a new creative side of you show through, which also means you really can take the room in any direction you choose Achieving the look you want and making it your own is not a dream, but a definite realty and at a fraction of the price when you shop for wall panels at 27estore. So take that first step and go to and begin the journey to a beautiful new room for the whole family to enjoy.