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  • A Quick Guide to Kitchen Design

    kitchen design blueprint

    Remodeling a kitchen is fairly easy if you plan on using your existing cabinet layout as you can simply replace old with new. But what if you want a brand new look – where do you start and does it matter what goes where? Actually it does – remember that regardless of how good a kitchen looks, it still needs to function efficiently even if you’re only an occasional cook. There are a few guidelines that should be followed if you’re planning a new layout for your remodeled kitchen.

    Published 02-21-2013

  • New Cabinets vs. Refacing: The Pros and Cons

    cabinet raface vs cabinet replace

    A kitchen remodeling project can be a great way to give the interior of your home a fresh look and may even increase its value. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in many homes and is where families often gather at the end of the day – giving it a makeover not only brightens up the room, it may rejuvenate the atmosphere of your entire home. So what are your options when considering a kitchen renovation – what changes can give the room a brand new appearance?

    Published 02-28-2013

  • Replacing Kitchen Cabinets: Is it DIY Project?

    kitchen cabinets diy

    A kitchen renovation can be a great way to increase the value of your home and freshen up the look of one of your family’s favorite rooms, but is hiring a contractor for the project absolutely necessary? The answer to that question often depends on two issues: how extensive your renovation will be and your abilities as a DIYer.

    Published 03-07-2013

  • Wood Interior Doors – A Billion Dollar Industry [INFOGRAPHIC]

    wood interior doors

    The demand for wood interior doors continues its upward trend. It's interesting to note that the demand for wood doors has never been hit majorly by any downturn in the economy and now that the economy is finally getting out of the woods, the projected demand for wood interior doors is huge.

    Published 03-25-2013