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Slat Wall Panels - Waves (4 Pack)

As low as $205.00

*Orders under 40 sq ft are subject to small order fee.

Slat Wall Panels - Waves 4 pack

1 profile covers 3.31 sq ft; 1 pack covers 13.24 sq ft

Lead time: This product takes 2-3 weeks to ship

Each profile is 94 1/2" long; Extra length profiles up to 110" available by request and subject to additional cost and shipping charges.

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Slat Wall Panels Waves Colors

Create a coastal getaway in your sunroom with our Slat Wall Panels with Waves. The satin-white option of these panels would be ideal for this design style. The panels' design is a visual representation of the motion of the ocean waters. It would work perfectly around the lower half of the sunroom walls. Bring in blues or greens to paint the upper half of the walls. Decorate the room with white wicker furniture. A table with a glass top would add to the light and open feeling of the room. For additional color, use the blues and greens in throw pillows or chair cushions.

When it comes to these Slat Wall Panels, not only do they give you the unique look of waves but they come in a variety of color options. Walnut, teak, natural oak, earth grey, and aluminum grey are the other color options. The panels come in packs of four. Each of the panels is interlocking to help make the installation process quick and easy. Other features of these panels include a UV-resistant coating and they are scratch resistant. These are both highly beneficial, especially when used in a room with a lot of direct sunlight.

1 profile covers 3.31 sq ft; 1 pack covers 13.24 sq ft


  • Quick and easy installation and assembly;
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • UV resistant coating
  • Scratch resistant
  • Environmentally friendly materials

Slat Wall Panel Waves Measurements:

Slat Wall Panels - Waves Details Slat Wall Panels - Waves Cut

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