Slat Wall Panel - Fluted (4 Pack)

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Slat Wall Panel - Fluted

  • 1 profile covers 2.35 sq ft; 1 pack covers 9.40 sq ft
  • Lead time: This product takes 2-3 weeks to ship
  • Each profile is 94 1/2" long;
  • Extra length profiles up to 110" available by request and subject to additional cost and shipping charges.

When it comes to wall treatments the most commonly used in homes is paint. Other options are available and they provide a more unique visual and texture to the walls. One wall treatment option that is available is wall panels. They add a touch of dimension to the wall. For a truly different and eye-catching wall treatment consider our Slat Wall Panels which are fluted. Unlike our other wall panels they are not flat they have rounded or fluted edges. These panels come in a pack of four and multiple color options. Some options include walnut, teak, satin white, and natural oak.

One way to use these fluted slat wall panels is to create wainscoting around the lower half of your dining room. The natural oak would look beautiful when enhanced with a bold blue painted on the upper half of the wall. Find a sideboard and a dining table that is also made from natural oak to tie the room elements together. Use the blue from the walls in an area rug and cushions for the dining table chairs. A vase with white, silver, and blue would be an elegant touch on the sideboard or dining table.

Features of Slat Wall Panels:

Slat Wall Panel - Fluted Measurements

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