Canaletto Walnut Straight Grain

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Has the idea of a country theme come to mind when planning your newest kitchen design? Do you have a preference for the look of wood but tend to lean towards the lighter shades? If you like the idea of a country theme or a more natural look and feel for your kitchen then you may want to consider the stunning Canaletto Walnut straight grain wood cabinet doors. The beautiful Canaletto Walnut has a base in lighter shades of brown. The actual colors of the wood vary as it is a combination of brown as well as lines of black throughout the wood grain. The colors blend together in a manner that lends to its natural appearance.

The grains in this particular cabinet door are a straight grain. With a straight grain, there will be minimal waves and curves in the grain. The straight grain also hints and the lack of knots being present in this particular type of wood. The lack of all these obvious alterations to the direction of the wood helps lend to the uniformity of the cabinet doors throughout the entirety of the kitchen. When these natural wood veneers were created they were designed to work in both residential and commercial properties.


Listed price is per Sq Ft. Use the Quick Estimate tool to receive a quick quote or email us your cabinet doors and drawer fronts sizes.

Natural wood veneer surface. 

Ideal for both Commercial and Residential cabinetry applications.

All cabinet doors are custom sized according to customers specifications.

All cabinet doors come edgebanded on all 4 sides in matching wood veneer edgeband.

Hinge boring also available by request.

Strong and durable materials.

Clean with water or non-abrasive detergent. Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

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