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Modern interior doors made with 100% natural wood materials.

Looking for a way to add a touch of luxury to your home? Modern interior doors made with 100% natural wood materials are the perfect way to do it! Not only do they look amazing, but they're also built to last. Order yours today and see the difference for yourself!

Our collection includes only doors made with natural materials and our selection of styles and designs is second to none.

Heavy slab interior door - NO honeycomb, NO paper inside, NO hollow core.

Where others cut corners, we build long-term investments for your home. That’s why we avoid cheap alternatives like hollow-core doors. Unlike other doors on the market, our doors are solid heavy slab doors with no honeycomb or paper inside.

All interior doors are prehung, prefinished, ready to be installed.

Looking for a hassle-free way to update the look of your home? Contemporary doors from 27estore are prehung, prefinished, and ready to be installed - meaning you can achieve the fresh, new look you want without any of the stress or mess. Don't wait any longer, browse our selection and find the perfect door for your home today!

Glass doors, french doors,transom and custom-built doors available.

Contemporary interior doors delicately balance form and fashion. When shopping with, our options for interior doors allow you to create this balance and to claim it - to use each detail as part of the statement being made. Use the look and build of a modern interior door to control the feel and the flow of your interior design. Our prehung interior wood doors will open-up exciting new possibilities.

Modern interior doors: available in a variety of different styles. You may be impressed by the look of our interior wood doors, and for good reason. We use only the finest materials and construction techniques available, so each of our doors is both striking in appearance and built to offer lasting value.

All of our designer interior doors use eco-friendly materials and employ beautiful, real-wood veneer finishes. The heavy feel of these doors comes from the fact there is no paper filling inside, no honeycomb, or traditional hollow-core used here. Our unique, dense slab construction makes these solid doors behave like virtual sound barriers in your home.

Add in details like solid wood framing, rubber sealed door stops, and self-regulating jambs to enable easy installation, and a fine, contemporary interior design may be yours: just beyond the door.

Answering to an eye for detail. Looking for a simple way to warm up a room? Maybe our bleached oak door will lead the way. Add-in one or more panes of glass, and create something specific to your space. Or maybe it is the warm, inviting feel of European Walnut, with its deep, rich tones used to accent the best parts of your interior design. Let the natural wood grains work for you.

If you want to bring out some of the reds in your living space, perhaps a Mahogany or Teak interior door is the right direction. And for the truly bold, our wenge and zebrano wood doors are exactly the types you see regularly featured in design journals and fashion magazines. By presenting these offers to you direct on this site, we offer you a chance to take advantage of cutting-edge interiors for much less than other high-end designers.

An interior door makes a statement. We’re here to help you say what’s on your mind.

  • All door models are sold as pre hung interior doors with a knock down frame and molding sets.
  • molding sets. Every door comes prefinished and ready to be installed at your project site. There is no need for further treatment of the slab, frame, or molding surfaces.
  • Every interior door set is priced according to the door width and includes the following components: slab, frame, levers, 2x molding sets, 3x hinges.
  • Door measurements conform to American standards with a standard height of 6’ 8’ and widths of 24”, 28”, 30”, 32” and 36”.
  • Custom interior door sizing is also available upon request, quoted on an individual basis.

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