When people look around the rooms in their home and decide that it needs to have a remodel, or some kind of change to it, the first thing they consider is putting up a new coat of paint. While painting is a great and easy option for most people, it can leave the individual wanting more. Why not take your room remodel to the next step and instead of doing the usual new paint color, try experimenting with wood wall panels. Wood wall paneling systems can break not only a new look to your room, but also a new feel. With the selection offered to its clientele at 27estore, customers are sure to find exactly the look they have envisioned for the room or rooms of their home.

Why choose wall-paneling systems? Unlike standard paint, wood wall panels offer any room they are used in a unique look and feel. The different grains of the wood chosen bring a one of a kind element to any room that they are used in. Imagine the dramatic look and feel of a dark wood wall paneling system in your home office. Bring that elegant and professional look found in a host of offices to your personal office. The wood wall paneling systems that are offered at 27estore will be custom created to fit your design vision. Do you want dramatic dark wood panels mixed with lighter panels? Perhaps you want to create a contemporary look in your room by going with a black-and-white finish. No matter what your vision we will work with you to see it come to fruition.


Wood wall paneling systems from www.27estore.com do not only bring a new look and feel to whichever rooms they are used in, they are also finely crafted. All of the wood panels are created in the 4-8 foot range in exactly the wood finish you desire. The materials used are also eco-friendly and only Italian natural wood veneers are used. From oak, teak, rosewood, or the other exotic woods we have to offer, you are sure to find exactly the new design element you want to highlight any room in your home.