Most people assume that all interior doors are all the same and the truth is that they are not. Yes, there are obvious differences in doors, such as pocket doors, double doors, sliding doors, French doors, and even doors that feature some glass, or the entire thing is glass. When it comes to basic interior doors, there is a marked difference in the construction from company to company. At 27estore, we only offer doors that are of the highest quality because we know that doors are not just a room separated but they are also a design element in every room. When you decided to order a door from the wide selection that we offer, we know that you will get exactly the door that will complete the look of your room. 

Are you in the market to upgrade some or all of the old tired doors in your home? Would you prefer to have French interior doors for you master bedroom? Perhaps you are looking to have taller doors throughout your home, at a height of 8 feet because most of the people in your home are above average in height. Maybe you are looking for some transom doors that will help light shine from one room into the other. No matter what design elements you are looking for in your new interior doors you will be sure to find exactly what you need at We not only have the finest artisans crafting high quality doors, but we also fully customize them to suit exactly your design specifications.

What can you expect from the interior doors at 27estore? The doors offered are most importantly created from a solid slab of wood, not paper fillers. The doors are solidly constructed to last through the normal day-to-day abuse that most doors suffer from. The doors are all finished with a high quality natural wood veneer that is available in a variety of patterns, colors, and effects. They range from oak, to teak, to exotic woods like wenge or zebrano wood. No matter what size or style of door that you choose, you can count on it being affordable and of the highest quality.