When deciding to remodel a room or rooms in your home there are many things to take into consideration, the direction you want to take the room being key. A simple remodel could involve a new coat of paint; other paths could lead to new furnishings while other remodels could require new interior doors to finish of the design that is desired for the room. When it comes to interior doors, 27estore has a large selection of doors to choose from that can suit the interior design wishes of anyone. One of the many styles of doors offered from 27estore is the line of Ebony Macassar Interior doors. Ebony Macassar doors offer a new color experience from traditional white, or off-white, doors seen in most homes as this line of doors comes in dark colors that range from reddish browns to solid blacks. 

Ebony Macassar interior doors are not for those not wanting to make a statement in their door choices. These Ebony Macassar doors, such as the flush vertical or the Newport, offer rich colors that come from a rare hardwood that is found in the remote jungles of India and Southeast Asia. In the case of doors such as the Newport, panes of glass that are inserted in the door offset the dark grains of the Ebony Macassar wood. This not only offers a dramatic contrast between the light and the dark, but also adds more light to pass through from one room to another. Another benefit to selecting doors with the Ebony Macassar veneer is that the wood is exceptionally durable and is water resistant. These two factors make this a great door choice for those high traffic rooms in the home such as the kitchen, family rooms, or playrooms.

If you are looking for a door that is dramatically different in its overall appearance, a door that is extremely durable then one of the doors from the Ebony Macassar line of interior doors is for you. Not only will you get the deep colors you want, but you can feel comfort in the knowledge that any doors purchased from www.27estore.com are only of the highest quality at affordable prices.