Bleached Oak Veneer Wall Paneling

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WPBO 460

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*Orders under 40 sq ft are subject to small order fee.

All natural wood wall paneling in bleached oak. All wood paneling comes with standard 1/2" thickness pre-finished in clear coating. Custom wall panel sizing available upon request.

With its buff color and natural grain, our Bleached Oak Wall Paneling evokes wide sunny beaches and the Sunset Strip even though you might very well be located in downtown Chicago. Just like the beach, the light sandy color creates a warm, relaxed mood that lingers long after you leave. 

Use these bleached oak wood panels next to an open glass window to really bounce the light around a room.  Use them for the entire room, from ceiling to floor, or just for a free standing wall or lower part of a counter. The ideas are practically limitless once your creative juices start flowing.

As with all of our wood paneling, the bleached oak panels are made of quality wood veneer imported directly from Italy.  The wall paneling is cut to size from 4 x 8 foot sheets, and comes with a clear finish, though you can ask for a glossy finish, if desired.


Natural wood Italian veneers - NO laminates, NO imitations;

All panels custom sized according to customers specifications - up to 4ft x 8ft.

Strong and durable veneer

Enjoy the inviting warmth of all natural wood

Suspension fitting - Specification Library

Clean with water or non-abrasive detergent. Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Order a wall panels sample to inspect the product quality.

High quality Italian natural wood veneer.

Custom wall paneling available at reasonable prices.

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Features to consider in comparing our wall panels

27Coco wall paneling

Other wall paneling
Real wood Italian veneers
Mostly laminates
Already applied on a board
Needs to be applied with adhesives
Comes in pre-measured variety of sheets
Large sheets, need to be cut additionally
Custom sizing available
Varies with supplier
Finished on all sides/edges
Hanging hardware available

Modern wood paneling can be complemented with contemporary doors. Take a look at our collection.

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