Are the walls of your home a plain white color; perhaps you have moved into a new home and the colors on the wall are not suited to your design tastes? Do you want to do something to change the look of the walls in your home, but putting on a new coat of paint in a different color isn’t going to help you achieve what you are after. If this is the case, and you want to try something other than traditional means to update any of the rooms of your home, wood wall panels from 27estore may be your design solution.

Wood wall panels are a feature of many law firms, doctor’s offices, or high-end hotels and resorts. The reason being are wood wall panels afford those establishments with a warm feeling that offers a unique look. Bring the unique look and warmth offered by wall panels by looking at the options available at 27estore. There you will find a high quality selection of wood panels that will transform any room of your home at affordable prices. Our wood wall panels are created with only the best Italian natural wood veneers and eco-friendly materials. We not only take into account your design vision, but we also remain conscious of the environmental impact the construction of our panels have.

Another factor that is important to remember about our wood wall panels is that they are crafted to your exact specifications. Different woods react and appear differently based on the finishes that are added to them. You may choose to use an oak wall panel with a dark stain to give your room a look much different from natural oak wall panels. Perhaps you want to add an exotic touch to your room using our Safari wall panels that come in a variety of dark or light shades. Change the look of a room in your home today, with an affordable set of wood wall panels created to your specifications. Whatever look you want to achieve with wood wall panels, the selection available at will offer you what you seek.