Do you an extra room in the house, maybe the children have gone off to college, or you finally finished unpacking from a new move. Has your significant other finally given you the ok to take the den and make it your own? Here at 27estore we have what you need to make your new room unique, stylish and truly one of a kind. Let us design a modern wall panel system that will fit every need and desire you and your new room need.

First, let us talk about which type of finish you want your panels to be. If you have natural oak floors and want to keep the room bright and open, our natural oak panels with a stoic touch of gray would give your room a wide-open feeling with just a touch of contrast. A walnut or teak wood paneling would give your library or office that professional look. If you want to think out of the box, then our Safari line is a great choice with its neutral black and white finishes, it will defiantly give you a contemporary look and feel.

The next thing you want to decide on is the style of your wall panels. From a modern square wall panel to a special design, we can do it. At we can customize our wall panels to fit all of your needs, while still giving you the satisfaction of knowing you are getting a high-quality product at a great price. If you have ever been out and seen wall panels that you wished you had in your own home, now you can get the panels you have always wanted installed by coming to us.

If it is time to design that man cave or build that office or library you have dreamt about, you have taken the first step and we will be most happy to help you the rest of the way. At we are committed to your satisfaction.