Panel ceilings used to be considered passé–something you see at your grandparents’ old house. But with new creative wood wall paneling ideas, along with options with veneer wall panels, they’ve come back on trend, becoming a popular way to revamp a space and make your home look extra impressive!

Why Use Panel Ceilings

Panel ceilings are energy-efficient, budget-friendly, and safe ways to up the visual aesthetic of a space. Here are some reasons why you should opt for them instead of exposed or plain ceilings:


There are plenty of creative ways that you can integrate panels into your ceilings, giving you unlimited style options to choose from based on the look that you’re going for. They’re a simple way to level up the visual appeal of a room.


Most panel ceilings come with good safety grades, especially concerning fireproofing. This means that they can even help give your home a little extra protection!

Cost Effectivity

Panel ceilings, especially those that are made with wood veneers on substrates, are a cost-effective option to elevate an otherwise one-dimensional space.

Energy Efficiency

Panel ceilings also double as a method of insulation. They can help keep heat in during cooler months and maintain lower temperatures during the summer. This may even lower your electric bills!

Sound Proofing

Your panel ceilings can aid in dampening sound and preventing echoes in a space, improving room acoustics. They can help make a room calmer and more peaceful.

Trendy Panel Ceiling Ideas

If you’re thinking of a creative way to install panel ceilings in your space, here are some trendy panel ceiling ideas that will make your home look fabulous:

Painted Paneling

Painted paneling can add an accent to a monotonous room. It can bring a little fun into a space and act as a centerpiece that cohesively melds into an overall aesthetic. If you already have paneling on your ceiling, you don’t have to replace it–you can learn how to paint veneer paneling to give your space a refresh.

Fluted Wood Paneling

Fluted wood paneling is an easy way to bring dimension to your ceilings. The design is simple, but its unique shape makes a space look extra interesting. Bright and natural wood is your best bet, especially when you’re pairing it with light-colored or white walls.

Dark Wood Paneling

Dark wood paneling is a great option if you want to add depth to a room or if you want to achieve a more traditional, European-style aesthetic. There are plenty of dark wood options to choose from, too, so you have full control of the look! That said, be sure to pick something that won’t clash with the theme of the space.

Lighted Paneling

When playing with panel ceiling ideas, pay attention to the lights that you install with them. You can add lights that work harmoniously with simple panels, like spotlights or hung lighting, or use panels that are already lit to add a striking feature to your room. You can also integrate soft hidden lights for a more subtle look.

Ornate Paneling

Some panel ceilings can come with ornate designs that can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space. This is ideal if you want something more traditional, though there are also modern iterations that work for more trendy spaces.

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Mirrored Paneling

Installing reflective paneling onto your ceilings is a fun way to make a space look even bigger than it is. Plus, it makes for a good conversation starter for guests! 

Rustic Paneling

Rustic panel ceilings can add some pizzazz to a plain room, giving it a more earthy and natural feel. It can also increase the homey feeling of your space. You can find already rustic-looking panels in a home improvement store or choose wood veneers from 27estore that you can add onto existing panels!

Wood Veneer Panel Ceilings from 27estore

27estore’s catalog of wood veneers is the best place to start if you’re looking for an eco-friendly, durable, and cost-effective way to transform your ceilings. You can pick from a variety of different woods and finishes to furnish your ceiling panels and make your home look fabulous–check out our catalog for inspiration today!