A wood slatwall is made of vertical strips of wood that extend from floor to ceiling. Each panel is half an inch to two inches wide and spaced about a quarter of an inch to a half-inch apart. 


Adding slatwall is a great way to give a space a more interesting, striking, or appealing look, and wood slatwall panels, such as the ones from 27estore, are easy to install. You can simply screw the panels directly into the wall or install them with batons for extra sound absorption.

Why Use Wood Slatwall Panels

Wood slatwall panels are an excellent solution to enhance a space visually–but aside from style, they also offer a couple of practical benefits, such as their long-standing durability and their ability to improve a room’s acoustics. 


Here are some reasons why you should use wood slatwall panels:


Wood slatwall panels can help transform any space into something more modern or luxurious. Made from wood materials, they also effectively add warmth and texture to a space.


You can use wood slatwall panels in a variety of spaces. In the past, you may have only seen them in offices or public spaces, but they’ve recently become common in homes as accent pieces.


Wood slat panels are often made from solid wood, which is known for its strength and durability. Not only do you get an aesthetic addition, but you’ll also have an investment that will last you a long time.


Wood slatwall offers excellent acoustic dampening properties. It can remove reverberations in rooms, allowing for a richer sound atmosphere.

Types of Wood Slatwall Panels

You don’t have to learn how to make slatwall panels–27estore can provide you with a variety of slatwall that you can use to furnish your space. These options include:

Regular Panels

Regular slatwall panels are vertical pieces of wood spaced apart in smaller intervals that look like divots. 27estore offers them in half-inch and one-inch variations in six different colors.

Fluted Panels

Fluted wall panels feature thinner vertical strips of wood, giving a more sophisticated look. They’re a popular choice, especially in living areas.

Wave Panels

Wave panels are wood slatwall panels that follow a wave-like pattern across the pieces of wood.

How to Install A Wood Slatwall

Installing a wood slatwall is straightforward, and only uses common tools like a tape measure, marker, hand saw, level, and a silicone gun. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it yourself:

  1. Inspect Your Wall

The first thing you need to do is to inspect your wall. Make sure that it’s completely flat, with any gaps filled in with drywall joint compound. You don’t want to install wood slatwall panels on an uneven surface.

  1. Cut the Wood Slatwall Panels to Size

Measure the distance from floor to ceiling for your wood slatwall panels. It should be cut to the same distance, minus about a quarter of an inch to give the wood space to expand and contract (which happens under certain temperatures).

It’s good practice to measure and cut your wood slatwall panels one by one in case the heights vary across the width of your wall.

  1. Install the Wood Slatwall Panels

Apply construction glue down the length of the back of the first slatwall panel. Then install it, beginning from the corner. Make sure that’s level, then nail the piece in place. Repeat this process until you finish the length of the wall.


You may have to cut around obstacles as you work. Use a miter saw to cut panels around it.

  1. Clean Up the Wood Slatwall Panels

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Once you’ve installed all of your wood panels, clean up your work by filling the nail holes with wood putty and touching up the pieces with paint or stain as needed. 


If you’re adding decor to your wood slatwall, find out how much weight the slatwall can hold so that you don’t add anything that can damage your hard work.

Get the Best Slatwall Panels from 27estore

If you’re looking to install a wood slatwall in your home or office, check out 27estore’s selection of wood slatwall panel options. You can choose from four different choices, as well as a variety of colors and finishes. Each piece is made from the finest materials, ensuring that you get visually and acoustically perfect wood slatwall panels that will last for a long time!