When installing slatwall panels in your home, it’s natural to want to add extra functionality to it. Sure, it looks great as an accent piece, but it works even better when carrying shelves or holding lights. But how much weight can slatwall hold? In this article, we uncover the truth about reinforcing, bulking, and customizing your slatwall panels with extra weight.

What Is Slatwall?

Simply put, slatwall is a building material used in interior design to cover walls or display fixtures. It’s characterized by horizontal grooves called ‘slats,’ which allow them to be used with different attachments. You may see them used in trailers, retail stores, or exhibits, but they’ve also become a common sight in homes in recent years. Many people are learning how to install wood slatwall in their spaces or how to paint slatwall to improve the look of their homes.

Benefits of Slatwall

Slatwall comes with a lot of benefits, which explains why many people use it for their spaces. Here are some pros of installing a slatwall:


Slatwall is very durable–it can hold up many heavy objects, and it’s known to last a long time, especially if you get it from a source that makes it from premium materials, like 27estore.


You can customize slatwall in different ways to match your needs and preferences. You can get panels in a range of variations, from plain to fluted to wavey, as well as a variety of colors and finishes. You can even paint over slatwall if you prefer a specific look other than a natural aesthetic.


Slatwall works in multiple spaces, whether at home or in public. Plus, you can repurpose it over and over, which is ideal in settings like shops where displays are regularly changed.


Slatwall is a cost-effective way to elevate the visual appeal of a space. It gives a room more depth and dimension, without having to burn through the interior design budget.

How Much Weight Can Slatwall Hold?

Although slatwall is incredibly strong, it has limits to the amount of weight it can bear. Adding or hanging excessively heavy things can significantly increase its wear and tear. As a general guideline, an un-reinforced slatwall can hold about twelve pounds per bracket, while a reinforced slatwall can bear about fifty pounds of weight per bracket.

The weight that a slatwall can hold depends on several factors, including the panels’ design, the size of the groove, and the type of reinforced inserts used. It’s best to check with your supplier or manufacturer to know how much weight your slatwall can carry.

Adding Metal Inserts to Slatwall

Adding metal inserts to slatwall is the best way to reinforce it to carry heavier weights. It’s best to have these installed at the time of manufacturing as the maker will make a deeper cut into the board to better accommodate the insert, but there are also after-market metal inserts that you can add later on. 

If you’re taking this route, however, you need to be extra careful. You should ask for a sample from the manufacturer because the shape and size of the groove of your slatwall may vary; fixtures may also not fit properly. As a result, after-market inserts are often not as sturdy as factory-installed ones.

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What Do I Do If My Slatwall Breaks Out?

If you find that your slatwall is breaking out because of too much weight, it’s time to rearrange your placements. Spread the weight more evenly among the brackets, making sure that not one groove is carrying too much. Try not to load the grooves where two panels come together or at the end of the run, and avoid placing weight at the top and bottom edges of the panels–these are the weakest parts of your slatwall. 

If you have shelves installed and the breakout is happening there, lighten the weight or consider using extra brackets to distribute the load.

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