Adding slatwall is a simple way to elevate the visual aesthetic of a room. These panels can transform a space into something homey, modern, or fun, simply by acting as a focal point that stands out yet complements the rest of the elements in a room. 

While you can install a wood slatwall panel as is, you may want to consider painting it for a more striking look. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to do just that and give you tips on how to achieve the perfect finish for your slatwall panels.

Can I Easily Paint Slatwall?

You can easily paint slatwall, but there may be some difficulties in this regard–depending on the type of slatwall panels that you’re working with. Most slatwall panels are made with melamine or finished with a laminate material. This gives them a decorative veneer that comes in multiple colors and finishes; however, it also makes them challenging to paint over as the paint may not bond well to the surface.

If you want to paint slatwall panels, you may want to stick with natural wood slatwall, like that from 27estore. If you’re working with regular melamine and laminate panels, you’ll have to sand them down to a natural grain to create a paintable surface. Additionally, you’ll likely have to use spray paint designed to work on plastic or paint that can adhere to melamine or laminate specifically. Otherwise, you won’t be able to give your panels the color and finish that you want.

How to Paint and Install Slatwall

Painting slatwall is often done as you install it. It’s a pretty easy process, which you can do at home with some tools that are likely already in your garage. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to paint and install slatwall:

  1. Inspect Your Wall

Make sure that the surface you’re installing your slatwall panels on is completely flat. Otherwise, you may end up with uneven slatwall that will look haphazardly put together. If there are any gaps, fill them in with drywall joint compound.

  1. Paint the Wall

Paint the even wall with a color of your choice. You’ll want to pay attention to the hue of your wall as this will peek from in between the grooves of your slatwall panels. You can either choose the same color or pick a complementing hue; if you opt for the latter, you can play around with shades to increase the depth effect of your accent wall.

  1. Cut the Slatwall Panels to Size

Determine the distance between the floor and the ceiling of the wall you’re installing your slatwall panels on. Your pieces should be cut to the same length, minus about a quarter of an inch. The extra space is to accommodate the expansion and contraction of the wood, which occurs under certain temperatures.

It’s best to measure and cut your slatwall panels individually because heights may vary across the width of your surface.

  1. Install the Slatwall Panels

Now, you can install your slatwall panels. Apply droplets of construction glue down the back of the first slatwall panel, making sure not to add too much product to avoid the glue from spilling off the edges. 

Install the panel starting from the corner, ensuring that it’s level. Once you’re happy with the placement, nail the panels directly into the wall or install with batons.

Depending on your design and layout, you may have to cut through obstacles around your slatwall (such as around electrical sockets). Simply use a saw to cut through the pieces as needed.

  1. Paint the Slatwall Panels

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After installing the panels, wait for the glue to thoroughly dry. Then, you can start painting them. 

As mentioned, remember to sand the pieces down so that they’re paintable, and be sure to use the right painting materials to guarantee that the color adheres. Spray painting is the go-to method when painting slatwall panels, but it’s still best to go over your work with a brush to ensure evenness–especially along edges and between grooves.

  1. Clean Up the Slatwall Panels

Clean up your work by filling nail holes with wood putty and touching up the pieces. If you’re adding decor, be sure to determine how much weight your slatwall can hold first so you don’t add anything that can damage your paint and installation job.

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