There are many reasons why you might want to install wood wall panels in your home. They’re great insulators, soundproofers, and decorative accents. Once you install yours, you’ll probably want to decorate them and the space around them. Thankfully, this is relatively easy to accomplish.


In this post, we’ll explore some tips for decorating your wooden panels and how to bring out the beauty of your walls with home decor placed throughout the space.

How Much Wood Paneling Do I Need?

Start by figuring out what size wood is best for wall paneling. Measure your wall’s width and height in inches. Multiply these two numbers and divide them by 144–this is the number of square feet of paneling you’ll need to purchase. Be sure to measure any windows, too, and subtract their square footage from the total of the measured wall space.

Wall Decorating Ideas

Make your panels stand out with any of these suggestions:

Paint the Trim Black

Painting the trim of your walls black works well if you have black doors. Not only is it not true that black interior doors are out of style, but they have actually become more popular in 2023. They add a minimalist, stylish look to your space, and coordinating your trim with the color of the door will ensure that it won’t look out of place.

Add a Wall Art Gallery

Instead of just hanging up one piece of art, add several to create a gallery wall. You can do this by adding framed photos, canvas art, and wall accents of different sizes to one wall (or one section of the wall). 


Before you start hanging up your wall art, see how the pieces look next to one another by laying them out on your floor first. Once you like your layout, hang them in the same pattern on the wall.

Create a Floating Bookshelf

Your wood panel walls can double as a functional part of your room. Add a few shelves to create a floating bookshelf. This is perfect if your wood panels are in an office space, reading room, or kid’s room.

Home Decor Ideas for Wood-Paneled Rooms

Your home decorating doesn’t have to end with the walls. Once your panels are installed, it’s time to add accents to the rest of the space.

Lamps With Warm Lighting

Dark wood panels can make a room appear a bit gloomy, but this can easily be reversed. Add warm lighting to create a cozy space.

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Add Textured or Patterned Accents

Fluffy rugs, chevron-print pillows, and plaid blankets are all great additions to a room with wood paneling. They draw attention away from the walls, which works well if you’re using the paneling for functional reasons rather than for aesthetics.

Where Can I Find Wood Paneling?

Decorating wood paneling isn’t just easy–it’s fun, too. Whether you’re decorating your own space or one you’re renting out, it’s important for it to look put together. Adding some flair to the room will do just that.


Before you decorate your walls, you’ll need to install your paneling–you can find the best wood veneer panels at 27EStore. We have a wide range of colors and styles to suit your home, no matter your aesthetic. Browse our selection today to get started on your next home improvement project!