If you’re looking for a modern interior door style for your room, you may be considering painting the door black. Alternatively, you may be thinking about buying a black door. 


Before you plan your home around black interior doors, though, it’s important to know whether they’re in style. After all, you don’t want to make a big investment and then have your home look outdated.

Do I Have to Use an Interior Door?

You may think that all the doors in your home are the same, but there’s a difference between interior and exterior doors


For one, interior doors are often made out of composite or plywood, and exterior doors can be made out of metal, fiberglass, vinyl, or wood. This is because these doors serve different purposes–exterior doors provide insulation from the weather and safety from intruders, whereas interior doors add privacy and act as a divider between spaces.


Interior and exterior doors are also constructed differently, so it doesn’t make sense to use an exterior door to divide rooms in your home, or vice versa. This decision will save you money because exterior doors generally cost more.

Pros of Black Interior Doors

There are several upsides to using black interior doors in your home. These are just a few of them:

They’re In Style

Black interior doors are in style right now. In fact, as a neutral color, they’ll probably never go out of style entirely. If you’re looking for a somewhat timeless look that will still create an impact, black interior doors may be right for you.

They Highlight Furniture and Decor

If you’re struggling to figure out how to decorate wooden wall panels, you can incorporate furniture to draw attention away from them. Then, you’ll want to bring out the uniqueness of your furniture–this is where black interior doors come into play. Their aesthetic makes decor and furniture pop, and they will also keep people’s eyes off your wood panels (if you have them).

They’re Easy to Keep Clean

Have you ever heard that black socks never get dirty? The same is true for black doors–they don’t attract stains or dirt the same way white doors do. If you use satin or semi-gloss paint, anything that pops up can be easily wiped away. 

Cons of Black Interior Doors

Like all design trends, there are some downsides to incorporating black interior doors into your home, as well.

Fingerprints Show Up More On Them

While dirt shows up less on black doors than on white doors, fingerprints show up more. This is especially true for doors used in kids’ rooms and in high-traffic areas. If you’re looking at black interior doors, keep in mind that you may have to clean them often.

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They Don’t Work Well in Dark Rooms

It’s not a good idea to put black interior doors in rooms that are already dark. The doors won’t jump out as a design feature, and the rooms may appear even darker than they already are. Instead, add black doors to rooms with lighter-colored walls to create an appealing contrast.

They Can Get Too Hot

You won’t have to worry about this too much with interior doors, but if a door is facing a window, you run the risk of it getting too hot. Black absorbs the most ultraviolet rays, making these doors hotter than others would become after being hit with sunlight. This is especially true during the summer when the rays are stronger.

The Best Interior Doors from 27EStore

If you decide to buy black interior doors, you may be wondering where to get them because not everyone has the time or desire to paint. 


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