3 Panel Interior Door

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*Orders of 3 doors or less are subject to small order fee.

Ivory color 1 panel door available also in White finish.

3 panel classic interior door available in White or Ivory finish.
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Looking for an 8 ft. modern door solution.


Door Slab:
44 mm solid wood blocks covered with PVC in white or ivory 
Brass or chrome perimeter inset to accent the design 

In solid wood blocks 40 mm thick, covered in PVC in the same finishes as the door panel
High-seal isophonic closing gasket
Suitable for reversible opening or installation in worksite

In MDF covered with PVC in the same finishes as the body frame with the following versions
Flat telescopic 70x35 with adjustment tab of 15 mm.

Concealed hinges, bascule type, reversible and adjustable, standard chrome satin finish.
Levers in finish matching the hinges
Center patent-type lock with key, with chrome satin finish standard.
Latch, depth adjustable, with the same finish as the hinges.
Accessories, screws and hole plugs for precise assembly and installation.

Lead time: 6-7 weeks
Made in Italy 

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