Starting a renovation of the interior of your home is exciting. It can be a fun project that brings out your creativity, and the end result is a home full of personal touches and a unique character that you’ll be able to enjoy and admire for a long time to come.

A crucial part of this renovation may well be the installation of . If this is the case, it’s important that you keep both aesthetics and safety in mind; using tempered glass is one way to make sure the glass is less breakable and safer to use.

Key Features of Tempered Glass

Interior doors can be beautiful, sleek, and unobtrusive additions to your home–here are some features that make tempered glass or laminated glass doors an excellent choice for the contemporary homeowner:

Safety and Durability

Tempered glass is often known as ‘safety glass.’ The production process is different from the process used to manufacture ordinary glass. Controlled treatments at high temperatures and a process of compression produce a glass that is tougher and more durable than regular glass—often up to four times as much.

The safety benefits of this process are significant; the glass becomes more resistant to breakage. In the unlikely case that the glass breaks, it will not break into sharp shards that are potentially dangerous. Instead, it would shatter into smaller, pebble-like pieces without sharp edges so the chance of injury is significantly less. If you are considering tempered glass doors for the interior of your home, you can be secure in the knowledge that they offer an option that is highly durable and safe.

Aesthetic Benefits

Tempered and laminated glass doors come in a wide range of styles to suit all kinds of homes. They can be used throughout the home and range from a subtle sliding door to a bold statement in the form of a pivotal door that stands alone.

You can select clear tempered glass if you want a modern touch allowing light to pass through to highlight the contents and space of the room. Alternatively, you can opt for a satin or frosted finish that permits light to come through but maintains an air of privacy. Beautiful finishes can be found with both metal frames and .

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Sound Reduction

Modern life is often at odds with the need for peace and tranquility. We need our homes to be a haven from unnecessary noise and a place where we can truly switch off and relax. If this is important, you should know .

Interior doors that use tempered glass are an excellent choice, as they are up to twice as noise-resistant as normal glass. Use tempered or laminated glass interior doors for their soundproofing qualities to create a peaceful area, wherever it is desired in your home.

Temperature Resistance

Owing to its construction and strength, tempered glass can stand up to thermal stress. It can resist temperatures up to five times higher than normal annealed glass is able to withstand–this makes it an excellent choice if you want to retain or isolate heat, such as with the door of a kitchen.

This glass also adds to a home’s safety credentials. Should it be exposed to fire, it will not shatter easily. Tempered and laminated glass can actually also hold up against low temperatures, too, so it can be exposed to intense sunlight and frost on the same day without becoming damaged. It also serves as an excellent insulating material.

In Summary

As you can see, tempered and laminated glass doors have many advantages. They are an excellent choice for modern interiors for anyone looking to create an idyllic home that factors in safety, comfort, and quiet.

For the best laminated glass interior door options, be sure to check out 27estore’s wide range of styles. We’ll make sure you find the perfect choice for your home!