Cohesion is a concept every homeowner knows. To create a space that’s pleasing to the eye, there should be equilibrium, especially in its design.

Many people are intimidated by this notion because it seems limiting, but it’s important to understand that cohesion isn’t the same as uniformity. You can still arrange a balanced space, even if things don’t look the same.

So, when it comes to choosing your interior doors, don’t be pressured to set everything the same. Interior doors don’t need to match. While there are rules to follow, ultimately, you can be creative and play around with your to craft a space that feels like home to you.

How to Make a Statement Using Your Interior Doors

If you have a couple of entryways that don’t match (or match too much), ? Not necessarily–at the end of the day, the decision to match or diversify interior doors depends on how you want your home to look or what vibe you want it to convey. That said, there are ways to do either approach right. Here are some things to consider when matching or diversifying your interior doors:


If you want to have diversified interior doors but still want a very cohesive space (i.e. you don’t want to go all wacky about it), then stick to a singular style. You may already follow a certain architectural trend in your design, so stick with this and explore your options within that range.

For example, if your home is more Bohemian, you can use different wood interior doors, varying in wood finish and texture, to drive into the theme of naturality.


Even if you have the same style of interior doors throughout your home, you can still play around with colors. This, however, is a slippery slope, and if done incorrectly, can turn out tacky.

Consider color theory when choosing your interior door colors. Choose colors that complement each other and blend well with the rest of your home’s scheme. If you want to stick to a more sophisticated route, matching the color in neutrals is the best way to go; plus, it leaves you room to shed your creativity in other aspects of your abode.


If you’re looking to add more eccentricity to your home design, mixing and matching different door materials is a good way to go about it. Try a mix of different materials, keeping to a plan to make sure that it doesn’t end up as a bunch of random doors thrown across your home.

If you’re wondering whether , know that they’re not and that you can find a variety of solid doors, too. Explore door add-ons and fixtures, such as glass and handle types, as well.

Tips for Designing Your Home With Interior Doors

Interior doors don’t just play a functional role in your home; they also serve an aesthetic purpose. Here are some things to remember when choosing interior doors to design your space.

Consider Function

While it seems counterintuitive, think of the function of your doors first. This will help you knock off any technical requirements while opening you up to more options and narrowing down your choices at the same time.

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Invest in High-Quality Doors

An easy way to make sure that your doors are classy is to invest in quality. Premium wood interior doors from 27EStore, for example, are timeless because they’re well-crafted using premium materials.

Consider the construction, thickness, and weight of your door options, and how they fit with the architecture and quality of your home.

Think About Cohesion

Consider how your interior doors can complement the different spaces in your home. Think about its architectural style and match your doors based on the overarching trend.

Make sure that the doors are also cohesive with one another, even if they don’t necessarily match.

Play Around With Types

The different types of doors could be your ticket to diversification since you can get doors of the same style but as different types depending on the function. For example, you can use simple panel doors for the kitchen, then French doors going towards the living room.

Be Creative

The design of your home, including its interior doors, all boils down to your needs and preferences. Don’t let convention limit your creativity and allow your style to come through!

The Best Interior Doors From 27EStore

When you’re ready to choose wood interior doors for your home, 27EStore can deliver premium products that will take your space to the next level! With so many customization options, we have everything you need to design your space–whether you want matching doors or not!