Attention to detail is what makes things stand out, and your home’s interior design isn’t an exception. While designing your home or remodeling it to give it new life, you might debate whether you should match your interior doors to your front door.

Your choice of interior doors will determine the look and feel of your home. Of course, your interior doors don’t necessarily need to match, but whatever choice you make will create a distinct aesthetic. For example, matching doors create a harmonious and cohesive look, while dissimilar doors can give off a bold and artistic feel.

Choosing to Match

Matching your doors can be a great option if your interior doors are in a hallway, and you may want to consider matching your front door and interior doors to your staircase. You can even match them to any visible kitchen finish for a completely cohesive look.

If you’re set on investing in high-quality interior doors, such as , but can’t afford to follow through for the entire property, consider only remodeling the ground floor. The ground floor is the most-seen part of a home, so you can get a lot of value from a partial renovation that starts there–matching your ground-floor interior doors with your front door will offer a seamless aesthetic to your home.

Choosing Contrasting Doors

While matching your interior doors to your front door can be very appealing, it may come off as a bit boring for some. Bold, contrasting colors can be a great way to add personality to interior design. In some cases, too much uniformity can be suffocating or bland, so some homeowners prefer a less rigid approach.

Contrasting your interior doors can also prove to be more budget-friendly–if you’re remodeling, changing every door to create a cohesive look can put a dent in your wallet.

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Should Doors Be the Same Color on Both Sides?

Whether your doors should have the same color on both sides depends on the look and feel you want for your home aesthetic. If the rooms are different colors, then matching the door's color with the room makes more sense than having a door with the same color on both sides. If your home follows a theme or uniform aesthetic, however, having both sides of the door painted the same color adds to the overall cohesiveness of the aesthetic.

Should the Door Color Match the Walls?

While matching door colors with your walls can play a part in your house's cohesiveness, it can easily feel redundant. Rather than having the same color, your interior doors can have a color that complements your wall’s colors. You can also choose a contrasting color that creates a pop of interest!

Final Thoughts

Whether or not you should match your interior doors with your front door completely depends on your personal preference and budget. As long as they’re the same style, you can match the color for a seamless aesthetic or choose bold colors for an eccentric look–27estore has your back with a wide range of door styles and colors to choose from!

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