Grey Oak Wood Veneer

Now this is what we call moving to top class when it comes to a cabinet doors replacement campaign! The modern luxurious aspect of these modules will fit any type of functional interior, from kitchen to bathroom or closet. This splendid grey oak completely changes the face of the favorite spots in your home, adding a touch of chic sobriety with the smart design of a top quality product. If you thought that kitchen cabinet doors only add to the functionality of your home, the elegant proposal we bring forward will make you consider several different aspects.

Were you aware that our cabinet doors are made entirely from wood veneers, inside, outside and around the margins? This boosts their quality and adds a unique professional touch to the whole ensemble, making the whole structure feel and look compact and reliable. Each and every piece of replacement cabinet doors is custom made and delivered according to your measurements, at a per sq ft price. Opt for this grey oak and match it with similarly shaded marble for a chic contemporary look, avoiding chromatic load and giving that unique sleek finish to the whole of your interior environments.

CDGO 153

Natural wood Italian veneers - NO laminates, NO imitations

All cabinet doors are custom sized according to customers specifications

Strong and durable veneer

Enjoy the inviting warmth of all natural wood

Clean with water or non-abrasive detergent. Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Order a kitchen cabinet door sample to inspect the product quality.

High quality Italian natural wood veneer

Send Us your cabinet doors measurements today and receive a quote within 24 hours.

Features to consider in comparing our cabinet doors
27Orange cabinet doors
Other cabinet doors
Real wood Italian veneers
Mostly laminates
Same wood finish on both sides - front/face and rear/inner
Only front
No need for additional coating/staining
Varies with supplier
Custom sizing available
Varies with supplier
All edges finished with the same wood veneer
Varies with supplier

Your modern kitchen can be complemented with contemporary doors. Take a look at our collection.

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