Q&A - Wood wall panels

How can I get a quick estimate for my order?

The quickest way to get a quote for your order is to use the Quick Estimate Tool that is available on each wall paneling finish product page. The tool allows you to quickly input your exact panel sizes and get pricing for each door in your order.


How does the ordering process works?

By using the Quick Estimate Tool as shown above, you can also send us your order. After receiving your order, we will contact you the verify all details and process payment. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected] or fax us, 702-947-2293, all cabinet doors sizes and we will prepare an electronic invoice for your order. 

What is the lead time?
Lead times vary with every finish. Information about the lead times for every finish can be found on the product page or in the Quick Estimate Tool once the finish is selected.

How much is the shipping cost?
Shipping charges vary based on the destination and scope of the project. Our trade discounted shipping accounts give us the flexibility to offer low shipping rates to our customers normally at 60% below regular shipping charges. Also, orders over $3,500 ship free anywhere in the United States.

Do I have to stain any of the wood panels?
No, all wood wall panels come prefinished with no need for further treatment of the surface.

What is the difference in wood veneer and laminate (decorative surfaces) finish?
Wood veneered finished utilize natural wood veneer that are applied over a substrate board. They all come in clear satin finish, a coating that protects the wood colors from fading away with time. Clear coated wall panels have the wood material feel when touched. Laminate or decorative surfaces, on the other hand, resemble wood grain or some kind of patterns that cannot be found on wood panels. These surface can be either satin or glossy.

Can you finish the panel edges with the same wood material?
When requested, all panels’ edges can be finished with same veneer as applied to the front. The application of high-end glues ensures that the edging is firm and built to last.

Is it all standard measurements or you can manufacture custom sized wall panels?
All modular wall panels are manufactured according to customer’s specifications with accuracy to the 1/16th of an inch. There are no limitations as to the variety of paneling sizes that can be ordered in a single order. The largest individual panel size is up to 4x8 feet. Larger pieces can be replicated by joining 2 or more panels together.

Can I order matching floor moldings?
Yes, we can supply to you floor molding pieces finished with the same wood veneers as the wall panels to guarantee 100% match.

Do you offer matching trim to finish exposed ends?
Yes, we can supply matchinh end trim as well as aluminum end trim pieces.

Do these panels come with attaching hardware?
Hanging brackets can be purchased additionally and their cost and quantitiy depends on the number of panels ordered and their sizes. – view specification

How does the attaching hardware works?

Here is a video showing the application of the attaching hardware.

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