Whether you need to improve the looks of a room, add some extra insulation, or even try to manage the way sound might enter or move within the space (usually called the room’s acoustics or even sound proofing) you will find an easy answer with the use of wall paneling. While many people automatically envision sheets of lumber that are designed to replace sheetrock, wall paneling is actually something that is far more decorative and not necessarily the primary wall material.

For example, there are laminated panels that emphasize the grain or color of the woods used in their manufacture. There are also patterned wood panels that create an instant mood or decorative style in a room too. Some owners actually install wall paneling to create a sense of division within a larger room as well, and as mentioned some people install panels to sound proof a room too.

Before deciding on a paneling project, it is necessary to understand the differences between natural wood panels and laminates (which seek to copy the beautiful looks of real wood). While the laminates might be a temptation due to their lower costs, lighter weights, and appealing looks, nothing compares with the real look and feel of natural wood wall panels. A well-made wood panel, on the other hand, will never create any sort of installation or maintenance problems.

Modern vendors make panels available in such materials as rosewoodoak, and wenge, and even many environmentally friendly varieties. They can be installed using panel systems that allow for easy removal or rearrangement, or they can rely on traditional and permanent installation methods too.

Instead of opting for traditional wall finishes, the modern homeowner can add a huge amount of style and charm to almost any space through the use of high-quality wood paneling.