Whether you would like to fit a glazed external door or install interior doors with glass panels, the type of glazing used in your selected doors will significantly impact your security. 


Despite common misconceptions, doors with glass panels can be very safe, with laminated, extra strong, break-resistant glass specifically engineered to withstand impacts and force–while providing the visibility and lighting necessary to verify any visitors to your home.


As a specialist supplier of high-quality, cost-effective fixtures, fittings, and furnishings for every aspect of interior design, we advise choosing a glazed front door that is designed for durability while ensuring the locks and accessories you select are fit for purpose and your peace of mind.


Why Are Front Doors With Glass Perceived as Less Safe?


Traditionally, doors with glass panels were manufactured with single glazing. This type of glass is more exposed to tampering as it may have been possible to slide a single glass panel from the door to gain entry–with additional risks such as accidental injuries where slimline glass could break and shatter with minimal impact.


Advances in Modern Front Door Glazing


Today's home furnishings and doors are produced to far more precise durability standards, with the norm to manufacture front doors with at least:


  • Double-glazed insulated glass panels
  • Shatter-proof safety glazing
  • Sealed panels with tamper-proof fixings
  • Extra-strong laminated glass


Security glass outperforms conventional glazing multiple times over. It introduces enhanced energy efficiency, augmented security, and safety assurances, where toughened glass cannot be shifted or shattered with anything but extreme force.


If a person were to collide with a security glass panel, even the most severe impacts would mean the glass would remain within the frame, dividing into non-cut pieces–rather than falling away, exposing a vulnerability within the door, and posing a serious injury risk. Originally made to protect drivers and passengers from severe collision risks, safety glazing is designed to withstand the impact of a high-speed vehicle accident and is a wholly resilient, durable material to use within a front door, adding beneficial noise control and heat retention.


What Are the Benefits of Glazed Doors?


The primary advantage of a glazed door is that the glass allows light to flood the space, making rooms feel more spacious and airier. Our doors are available with opaque privacy glass, with varying transparency, depending on your preferences.


Other solutions include beautifully textured glass or angled glass at a juxtaposition with the frame of your timber door. The contrasts between glass and rich, deep woods such as caramel-toned walnuts and modern, creamy oak veneers look stylish and timeless.


All the designs within our glass doors catalog come with laminated, tough glass with insulating space between the panels to assist with soundproofing and heat retention. The 27estore knowledge guides contain tips and advice on the practical aspects of fitting, repainting, and maintaining glazed doors, with a separate article working through how to replace glass panel in door fixings to ensure your premium doors remain in perfect condition.


Improving Security for Homes With Glazed Front Doors


Choosing a professionally manufactured front door with a glass panel is undoubtedly the best way to ensure your stunning glazed doors remain safe and secure. Strengthened safety glass is incredibly difficult to break, and selecting an opaque finish guarantees your privacy while keeping your belongings out of view.


Most security issues happen due to opportunistic crimes, so frosted glass can make a significant difference. Double glazing is highly advisable because it is more energy-efficient and robust than a single glass panel. We’d also recommend:


  • Choosing doors built with a solid wood construction and selecting solid wood frames rather than hollow, lightweight doors
  • Opting for doors supplied with compatible, quality fixings, including hinges and jambs
  • Following the installation instructions carefully or hiring a professional to hang doors if you haven’t previously fitted a door
  • Using appropriate locks, depending on whether you are adding a glazed interior door between two rooms within your home or fitting a front door with a glass panel

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Doors from 27estore are available with all fixings, regulating jambs, lever sets, and frames and are fully customizable–whether you'd like your glazed doors to come in a double-door configuration or need a specific door size to fit your property.