Installing wall panels is a fantastic way to upgrade the look of any room. Eventually, however, you may wish to remove them. Whether you want to do some deep cleaning or you want to bring the panels with you when you move, you want to make sure nothing is damaged. 

You’ll be glad to know that removing wood veneer wall panels is fairly straightforward–especially if you have some stylish panels from 27estore!

How Are Wood Panels Mounted?

The key to successful removal is understanding how to install wood wall panels. Behind the panels is a thin metal rail with a groove running along the top; this rail is mounted to the wall with screws. The panels themselves have brackets attached to the back, which allow the panels to be lowered into the grooves to be hung. 

Removing the panels is simply the reverse of how they were installed, but there are a few additional things to know. 

Preparation First

The first thing you’ll want to do is move furniture away from the walls and clear the doorways so the panels won’t get damaged when you move them. Next, grab some gloves with rubberized palms, and a screwdriver or electric drill with a Phillips head. 

The rubberized gloves will help maintain a firm hold on the panels, but it’s recommended you find a friend to help you, so you can each handle one side of the panel.

Panel Removal

Both people should have a firm grip on the panel, then carefully lift so that both sides of the panel are lifted evenly. This will prevent the panels from falling or becoming caught on one side and damaging the walls. 

After you’ve lifted the panels, they will come away from the wall with ease. You can now remove them from the room and carefully lean them against a wall or lay them face down on the floor. It’s a good idea to have a moving blanket on hand to make sure the panels, walls, or floors aren’t damaged.

Mounting Rail Removal and Cleanup

If you’re just removing the panels for cleaning, you can skip this step. If you want to take the panels with you to a new house, you’ll want to take the mounting rails, as well. Carefully unscrew the rails from the wall, starting with the center screw and working your way out. Otherwise, the rails may fall at one end and scratch the wall or damage the rails. 

Once again, having another person to help is key to ensuring there is no accidental damage. After all the screws have been removed, the rail will come free. 

Now, you’ve got yourself a bare wall with some holes in it. Some simple spackle is the perfect solution–add some spackle into the holes, let it dry, and wipe the wall clean with a towel. You can paint over the holes if needed. 

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Mission Accomplished

Now that your panels are removed and the holes have been repaired, you’re done! The next step is up to you. Take them to a new home? Install some snazzy LED backlighting and remount the panels? Buy a new set of panels and change the look of the room? The possibilities are endless. 

Whether you’re considering how to make wood wall panels for a future project or are looking to purchase new ones, 27estore has everything you need. We have wall panels of every color and design you can imagine. Browse our options today, and see what 27estore can do to upgrade your home!