Interior doors are an important aspect of design, but one that gets forgotten quite often. It may seem simple to just pick a single style and use that throughout your home, but mixing and matching interior doors can elevate the look of your home, provided it is done well.

Whether you choose traditional , pocket doors, or modern options like glass doors, only you can decide for your space.

Types of Interior Doors

Believe it or not, there is a type of interior door to fit almost any personality!

Wooden Doors

As the most traditional option, many homes have single (or even double) wooden interior doors to separate one area from the next. These doors are versatile, and can be used for a variety of purposes in any room.

Pocket and Other Sliding Doors

Typically used for bathrooms, closets, or in spaces that are not wide enough for a hinged door, this category includes your traditional pocket door, as well as other options, like barn doors.

French Doors

Very often in pairs, french doors are usually made up of wooden frames with hinges and top-to-bottom window panes. They can be used as both interior and exterior doors. They bring a lot of light into a space, making them a great option for sunrooms.

Custom Doors

Historic homes can have unconventional dimensions, even for doorways. Custom doors are a great option to fit the space and to bring in some of that vintage charm through unique features like stained glass or inlays.

Is Mixing and Matching Interior Doors an Option?

The short answer is: yes! Still, there are some things you should consider before choosing your non-matching doors.

  1. Do they work? Your home should be both functional and beautiful, and the same is true of the doors. If you can’t access a particular space because you chose the wrong door, you should rethink that choice–even if you love the way that the door looks.
  2. Do they complement your aesthetic? When choosing interior doors, you want to consider the surroundings. For example, a glass door would fit the aesthetic of an ultra-modern home better than that of a quaint, historic one.
  3. Do they complement each other? Typically, you don’t just see one door at a time. Do the doors you chose look good together, and do they look good with the space around them?

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Another thing to remember is that all of your doors don’t need to be attention-grabbers. In fact, you may want to only choose one or two of those, and you’re going to want to be intentional. The focal point doors could be in different places, as long as it makes sense for you and your lifestyle. But if your bathroom door is the fanciest, be prepared for questions from your guests!

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