When it comes to contemporary kitchen cabinets, the European style of cabinetry is by far the most popular. This is largely down to the fact that it is much more 'no frills' style. Modern cabinet doors tend to feature flat or slab styles free of nooks and crannies. This makes them so much easier to clean and maintain as there are no intricate grooves to gather dirt or to be snagged and chipped during the daily to-ing and fro-ing that happens in most kitchens!

The essence of the European style is that it is minimal and lets the natural beauty of the materials speak for itself. That is why at 27esore.com, we always ensure that we are using only the best quality of natural real wood veneer imported from Italy and sourced from ecologically sound manufacturers. When the main feature of your contemporary kitchen cabinets is the look of the wood itself, you cannot skimp on the quality – after all there is no fancy embellishment to hide behind if there are flaws and imperfections in the material. Of course all natural wood has natural flaws, that is where the unique beauty comes from. However, our wood does not have chips and holes or discoloration from rot, only the natural knots and grains that provide its character.

The overall European style of contemporary kitchen cabinets gets its strength from the fact that it is so understated. This is a clean and modern look for your home which will make a huge impact on any kitchen. Take a look at the RTA cabinetry available from 27estore.com in the European style and give your home a contemporary makeover worthy of a place in any home or design magazine. Our staff are on hand to assist you in your choices and offer expert advice when it comes to choosing wood finishes and cabinet sizes.