When people shop for doors, front and back doors are typically the topic of conversation, and very little thought is given to interior doors. However, many people are looking to remodel their homes and home offices right now, and choosing new and elegant interior doors is becoming more popular.

While it’s important to understand , this article will focus on the factors that are associated with and details that can be added for an additional cost.

Material Choices

Anyone who’s even casually looked at wood prices knows that mahogany is going to be far more expensive than oak, which, in turn, is more expensive than pine. The type of wood that you choose for your door is going to be the primary factor in its cost. While doors constructed of solid wood do exist, most modern and high-end door companies have switched to engineered slabs with real wood veneers.

While you might think that a solid wood door is superior, those with high-humidity environments struggle with . This can lead to solid wood doors sticking in their frames.

Standard low-cost interior doors, on the other hand, are often installed by large housing development contractors. These doors are typically mostly hollow with perhaps a honeycomb interior structure made of stiff cardboard to give it strength and at some sound-dampening qualities. By upgrading to a solid wood design, the door will not only last longer, it will be far more appealing to the eye.

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Thickness and Size

More material means a higher cost, and a thicker or wider door will be more expensive. The width and thickness of your interior doors is going to be dependent on the current layout of your home and the thickness of the current walls.

Unless you’re looking to completely tear out some walls, it’s advisable to use interior doors that are already the same size and thickness as your current doors. This will also minimize the costs of installation.

Double Doors and Glass

Just as thickness and width are a factor, so are custom homes with double-door entrances to offices and other rooms. Double doors require additional support for the framing, as well as additional hardware to keep the doors closed, such as top or bottom latches.

Likewise, having glass windows as part of a door will increase its cost. Simple square-shaped windows are typically going to be the lower cost option. On the other hand, complicated circular or specialized glass, such as tempered or etched glass, will increase the cost.


Even though they are the only part of the door that you regularly come into contact with, door handles aren’t the only hardware that’s needed. You’ll also need locks, strike plates, hinges, and possibly optional features like kick-plates. Ideally, you’ll want all of your hardware to match, so be sure to choose wisely.

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