Short of a freestanding sink base cabinet purchased at your local home improvement store, all cabinetry is theoretically custom. With the exception of manufactured homes and large modern suburban developments, no two homes are exactly alike. Even in subdivisions with pre-arranged floor plans, new owners may completely redesign the interior, and there are always .

All of these factors make even the most cookie-cutter pieces, such as , require at least a bit of custom work to make it all fit together while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Beyond the considerations of home architecture, there are a variety of elements that can affect the cost of custom cabinetry.

Material Choices

Even though the majority of cabinets are made with MDF board, the veneer that covers MDF can be as beautiful as it is pricey. Typically, cabinetry is priced based on the square foot, and the material you choose for the exterior look of your cabinets will be a determining factor in its cost.

Complex Custom Features

Most people think of cabinetry as a monolith that is all the same once you open the doors, but there are a thousand and one ways to customize cabinets.

Custom lighting can be used to see into the dark corners of medicine cabinets, and the corners where two cabinets and countertops come together requires careful planning. Additionally, corner cabinet options for shelving can range from simple rotating shelves to swing-out shelving that looks like something from your kid’s favorite show about transforming robots.

Handles and Knobs

While they are one of the simplest things to install and one of the last things to be added, custom knobs and handles can significantly increase the cost of cabinets. With thousands of styles available in every finish and material imaginable, having a fantastic set of handles or knobs is a great way to give your custom cabinetry a perfect touch of class or character.

Just remember that you will need a lot of handles and knobs, so choose wisely. These are typically charged per unit and the cost can add up quickly when you consider the quantity you need.

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Is It Worth the Cost?

When you purchase low-cost, factory-made cabinetry, the overall shelf life (pun intended) is going to be far lower than custom pieces. You can expect cheap cabinets to warp and decay relatively quickly, especially in a humid or high-use environment, such as a bathroom.

High-quality custom cabinetry, however, will last decades or more. Outside of changing tastes and styles in cabinetry leading to a remodel, there is no reason that top-quality cabinets won’t outlive you and your time in your house.

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