The way in which we decorate our home is not just aimed to create a pleasant atmosphere. We also need to carefully choose each single furniture item. The balance between functionality and style is very important, especially with cabinets. These devices should allow us to store as many household items as possible, but at the same time we need to choose cabinets that best suit the decorative style of the room. Here are some considerations about the utility of these fundamental furniture items as well as decorating ideas inspired by London interior design trends.

Wall cabinets: a space-saving solution 

 According to today's interior design trends, the most popular decorating solutions are aimed to make your home environment more spacious and create a more open feel. As a consequence, we tend to free up as much space as possible. The general tendency is to replace big wardrobes with much more practical furniture items.

A popular choice are wall cabinets. These are often used in contemporary living rooms as an effective space-saving solution but are a typical kitchen decorating item. Kitchen wall cabinets have always been considered perfect to store a huge amount of household items while saving space.

The most effective way to save space in your kitchen is to opt for an angle corner wall cabinet. This is a very good solution to give the illusion of space in a small kitchen but is also an effective decorating solution for larger kitchens.

Modern kitchen wall cabinets: functionality and quality

Cabinets in general are what most determines the look of a kitchen. This is what makes them a fundamental kitchen decorating item. Choosing the style of your kitchen wall cabinets is essential to personalize your home environment. There are several models on the market, each of which features peculiar style patterns.

The design of wall cabinets, over time, has been enhanced by interior design industry. Modern wall cabinets are specifically designed to combine functionality and style according to high quality, contemporary design standards. Today you can choose between a range of sophisticated wall cabinets featuring a contemporary style which makes them very functional and stylish too.

The most popular choice for kitchen cabinets are euro-style, frameless wall cabinets. This modern type of cabinets is usually wider than deep. Thanks to their reduced dimensions, contemporary wall cabinets allow to create a decluttered feel, which is essential to effectively improve the look of your kitchen.

Vintage wall cabinets for a stylish kitchen decoration

Vintage decorative style is very popular today. Many houses in London are decorated in a retro style manner. Kitchen is the room that most has benefited from this current trend. Opting for a vintage-deco is a very effective way to improve your kitchen with high quality decorating items.

One of the key items in a vintage-themed kitchen are distressed wall cabinets. The peculiar style of this type of wall cabinets gives them an old-fashioned feel and makes them a perfect choice for a retro style kitchen.

Using wall cabinets is not only a way to add style to your kitchen as they are also an effective space-saving solution. Choosing them to decorate your kitchen allows you to free up space so you can embellish your kitchen with vintage decorating accessories such as wall ornaments.

The importance of kitchen base cabinets

Base cabinets are an essential item to decorate a kitchen. They are also perfect to combine functionality and style and have a key role in determining the look of the whole kitchen. Thanks to their typical design, this model of cabinet is very versatile. It can be easily assembled with other furniture items, such as other cabinets, to form a compact unit. But a single base cabinet alone is very functional too.

If you install a single base cabinet on a corner in your kitchen, you'll have enough space to store many kitchen supplies, tools and whatever you need to store. What makes this type of cabinet great is that it is typically wider than high and feature a considerable depth which makes it a very functional storage unit.

Kitchen base cabinets come in many models. Depending on your needs, you can choose a two doors or one door cabinet or a one drawer and one door cabinet. Today's interior design industry offers a variety of models. Some are feature a plain, traditional style, while others are more sophisticated and innovative. You can choose between a wide range of storage solutions, materials and colors


This post was provided by guest blogger, Federica for Decorwise, a London decorating company.