When it comes to bathrooms, every inch is precious. The space on the wall above a toilet is often overlooked and can be a great place to hang vanity cabinets to hold extra toilet paper, washcloths, soap, and other toiletries, especially in smaller bathrooms that are short on storage space.

Finding enough space in a bathroom for towels, toilet paper in bulk, and other essentials can be challenging. Leveraging the often-neglected space above a toilet is more than just an organizational solution–it can also create a unique (and practical) design element. 

Types of Cabinets Used Above the Toilet

When considering the type of cabinet that will work best above a toilet, there are more factors to consider besides the size of a medicine cabinet compared to a vanity

Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Wall-mounted cabinets with one or two doors are attached directly to the wall and can protect the items inside from dust and keep toiletries, towels, and other items completely out of view. Some of these cabinets include guard rails so items don’t accidentally spill out or glass doors that display what’s inside. These also often have an additional open shelf or small towel rack on the bottom.

If your wall-mounted cabinet does have glass doors, it may be a good idea to display your beautiful perfume bottles, plants, or high-end cosmetics here.

Freestanding Cabinets

Freestanding cabinets can stand on their own like a tall bookcase with legs that run down both sides of the toilet to the floor. You don’t have to worry about hitting your head on the shelf because they are a similar depth as the toilet tank and nest around it. They are also used by renters who don’t want to drill into a wall in a home they don’t own.

Ideally, the bottom of any cabinet mounted behind a toilet should be twenty-four to thirty-six inches about the tank. This will let you easily get to the contents inside the cabinet but won’t be a nuisance for someone who is using the commode.

Cabinets specifically made for bathrooms can be waterproof or erosion-resistant, too. These cabinets can hold essentials like washcloths, towels, and toiletries or aesthetically pleasing items like plants or scent diffusers!

Other Storage Solutions for Above the Toilet

Sometimes, there isn’t enough space for a cabinet, but there are still ways to take advantage of an empty area above a toilet. Consider using options like:

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are lightweight and provide a modern design element that can be used to keep towels, place a potted plant, or display a piece of water-resistant art. You can paint them a color that contrasts against other elements of the bathroom for added visual interest.

Ladder Shelves

Ladder shelves lean against or are installed on a wall with larger steps (shelves) at the bottom. These are a stylish solution where you can stack towels, plants, cosmetics, and the like. Metal or wire racks can also be both functional and decorative and often contain multiple bars.

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Final Thoughts

What you put into the cabinet about the toilet is entirely up to you. You can further organize the cabinet with small baskets to hold loose items like soaps, shampoos, candles, medications, and lotion samples. If you’re short on bathroom space and need cabinets to keep organized, take advantage of the height of the bathroom and extend the cabinet behind the toilet to the ceiling. Keep the most frequently used items on the lower shelves and lighter-weight items on the top. 

Also, make sure that the cabinet is securely attached to the wall or firmly rooted on the floor and that you’re protecting your bathroom cabinets from moisture and water damage. You want the cabinet to be stable so it won’t collapse or tip over under the weight of the items stored inside!

Ready to start looking for high-quality, durable bathroom cabinets that are made to last–whether you’re considering mounted, freestanding, or floating shelves? 27estore has you covered with a wide selection of bathroom cabinet options sure to suit any aesthetic or taste. Take a look through our online catalog or reach out to us for guidance on finding the right options for your bathroom today!