Painting kitchen cabinet doors is an easy way to update an existing space or put the finishing touches on a kitchen renovation project. Knowing what wood is best for kitchen cabinet doors will help you determine the paint or stain you choose, because different woods absorb products differently. 


Some paints are best suited for adhering to plastic materials, so be sure to choose a paint that is compatible with your specific kitchen cabinet doors. 


Types of Paint


There are several types of paint that are used in home improvement projects, and they all have varying degrees of durability and finishes. When getting ready to paint your kitchen cabinet doors, be sure to fully prep all materials to ensure the smoothest outcome that is long lasting, no matter the type of paint you use.




Oil paint is the most durable, premium quality of paint for kitchen cabinet doors. However, it is teetering out of popularity for use in modern kitchens because it isn’t the most user-friendly paint. Working with oil paints requires proper ventilation, dry time, and disposal after clean up.




Alkyd enamel paint bases are very similar to oil based paints when it comes to quality and durability. They are highly resistant to damage and are washable, but are significantly easier to paint with compared to oil paints. 


Water and Latex


While water and latex paints are much more environmentally friendly and have a low odor compared to oil paints, they aren’t always ideal for high traffic areas like kitchens. They are also more sensitive to areas that are exposed to heat and moisture, and may not last as long.


Types of Finishes


You have a few finish options to choose from. These include:




Gloss paint is by far the easiest paint to clean in high-touch areas, or where grease and mildew is likely to build up. This makes gloss paint one of the most durable and preferred paint options for kitchen cabinet doors. 


Gloss finishes make spaces appear larger because they reflect more light. One downside of gloss paint is that any imperfections in the texture of the surface, such as scratches or dents, can be more noticeable.




Semi-gloss is very similar to gloss paint in that it’s popular, durable, easy to clean, and tricks the eye into opening up the room. Like gloss paints, it also makes imperfections more obvious. The difference between these two types of paints is that semi-gloss is cut with a slightly flat paint.




Satin paint is a softer option with less sheen that still holds up well to cleaning in a kitchen. It may also disguise any imperfections, and it has a nice reflective quality.




Matte paint is a highly specific aesthetic finish that some people opt for in their kitchens. While it can aid in the overall design and feel of a space, it is not the easiest to maintain compared to the more washable finishes. Matte paints will hold up well in a kitchen without too much traffic.

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Wrapping Up


Ultimately, your kitchen cabinet door paint options all come down to your personal preferences and needs. A safe, highly-trusted option is an alkyd enamel paint in a gloss or semi-gloss finish. 


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