Kitchen cabinet doors come in a variety of woods, materials, and finishes, which may leave you wondering which is the best choice for your kitchen remodel project. Durability, budget, finish, and overall aesthetic are a few factors to consider that can help you narrow down how you design your modern kitchen cabinet doors


Popular Types of Wood for Cabinetry


The wood used for cabinetry is categorized as either open- or closed-grain. Open-grain woods are much more porous, and typically, the grain will stand out through any stain or paint–resulting in a more rustic aesthetic. If open-grain types are left unfinished, you may find it harder to remove grease from wooden kitchen cabinet doors and keep them clean. 


Closed-grain woods absorb less product, which results in a smoother, more evenly coated paint or finish. These woods may require less retouching over time compared to open-grain finishes. 


Knowing which type of wood is ideal for your project will make it easier to choose the best paint for kitchen cabinet doors and achieve your desired outcome. 27estore offers a wide variety of wooden kitchen cabinet doors, including: 




Pine wood is a commonly used wood for kitchen cabinet doors and furniture thanks to its affordable price point, durability, and rustic aesthetic. While pine is durable, its softness can make it prone to scratches and dents. Pine is a soft, closed-grain wood that is widely available. 




Red or white oak wood is an approachable wood to use in cabinetry. It’s an affordable, widely available closed-grain wood. White oak is often used in areas with high water exposure due to its water-resistant nature.




Walnut is a highly durable, closed-grain wood that is a top choice for cabinetry. It is easy to work with and should stand the test of time without needing replacement, which makes it a wonderful investment. 




Hickory has a very distinctive grain and aesthetic. It is a very hard, durable, open-grain wood. Hickory wood has a higher price point and is not as easily sourced as the other woods on this list. 




Cherry is a hard, closed-grain wood that is highly favored for its rich color and appearance, which tends to deepen with age. While easily available and beloved, it does come at a higher price point.


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Maple is one of the most popular, long-lasting wood choices for cabinet doors. Maple wood is a highly durable hardwood with a closed-grain structure with a reasonable affordability rating.




Elm wood is a unique choice with a highly distinctive grain pattern, making it a unique design choice. This wood is hard and highly durable with an open-grain structure and a moderate price tag. 


In Closing


Whichever your kitchen cabinet door preference is, 27estore has a diverse array of materials and finishes to choose from so that you can bring your remodeling vision to life. We offer samples of our materials to help you get a better feel for texture and color so you can be confident about your selection!