Many variables play a part in determining the size of vanity cabinets that should be installed in a bathroom. You can easily find bathroom cabinets in standard widths of twenty-four, thirty, thirty-six, forty-eight, sixty, and seventy-two inches. 

In addition, standard vanity depths range from seventeen to twenty-four inches, and the standard height for a bathroom vanity is thirty-two inches. That said, the term ‘standard’ is a bit of a misnomer when it comes to bathroom cabinets because you can find premade cabinets in many sizes.

It’s also important to understand that bathrooms are built in various dimensions, so they need to be measured and designed carefully to figure out which standard cabinets are the best solution. For example, shorter vanities are common in children’s bathrooms, while some adults prefer taller floor cabinets.

Determining How and Where to Install Bathroom Cabinets

Cabinets are used in bathrooms in a multitude of ways–as a base for counters, to conceal plumbing, for added storage, etc. They may also include drawers that are often stuffed with personal toiletry items, towels, hairbrushes, and the like.

Before you start planning your dream bathroom, take some time to measure every corner and surface of the room. Even better–have a professional (perhaps the contractor who will do the installation) measure the space to make sure the measurements are correct before you accidentally invest in the wrong style or size of cabinet.

Measuring for Replacement Cabinets

If you want to replace existing cabinets with new ones of the same dimensions, measure the height of the cabinet from the floor to the countertop. Then, measure the width and depth of the cabinet.

Jot down these numbers and sketch the bathroom including where the toilet, shower, sink, bathtub, windows, and doors are located. Be aware that counters can add an inch or more on either side of the cabinet. Make sure a new cabinet and counter will fit within existing walls and fixtures.

Measuring for a New Bathroom

If this is new construction or a complete gut and remodel, measure the dimensions of the room and where the existing plumbing is. You may be able to design a new bathroom in the same space as-is, or you may need to budget for a plumber to relocate some of the pipes to accommodate a new design.

When laying out a new bathroom, keep in mind that the sink is essentially the centerpiece of a bathroom that determines where the other fixtures should be located; sinks come in a variety of sizes and shapes (e.g., above-counter, drop-in, under-mount, etc.) to accommodate any taste or style. Bathroom cabinets play an important role in housing the sink (or sinks, if you have a double-sink setup).

In your design, include room for walking, door swings, and drawer pull-out space, and keep the center of the toilet at least eighteen inches from the side of the cabinet.

Choosing the Bathroom Cabinet Style

Several styles of cabinets are frequently found in bathrooms due to the function they perform and the space available. These include:

  • Freestanding cabinets are a traditional option that feels like furniture. They sit on the floor and are secured to the wall with mounting screws.
  • Console vanities might be mounted to the wall, but have two to four legs underneath to support them. They offer a sophisticated, more open appearance that provides counter and cabinet space.
  • Floating vanities (also known as ‘wall-mounted vanities’) hang on the wall and are often found in contemporary bathrooms.
  • Corner cabinets take advantage of unused corner space in bathrooms.
  • Customized, built-to-fit vanities should exactly fit your bathroom's style and layout.

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Whatever style you choose, it’s a good idea to make sure the cabinets you like work in harmony with the other elements in your bathroom for the best overall aesthetic. It’s also important to learn how protecting bathroom cabinets from water and humidity can extend their lifespan.

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